Ashtown Burials. K likes. Facebook home of the Ashtown Burials series by N.D. Wilson. The Ashtown Burials Series (Random House), written by N.D. Wilson, focuses on the two siblings Cyrus Smith and Antigone Smith who get involved with a. caption] Joel Courtney, the promising young star of Super 8, is featured in a brand new, action-filled trailer, but this.


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Ashtown Burials

While searching the grounds, Cyrus and Antigone find "Quick Water," a strange gel which, when separated into two balls, allows the holder of one ashtown burials see the holder of the other.

Soon after, Ashtown is attacked by Maxi, intent on reclaiming the Dragon's Tooth for Phoenix, who is his master. Cyrus and Maxi fight and ashtown burials patrik grows to an enormous size and attacks Maxi, protecting its owner. Cyrus uses the tooth to slay Maxi for good, but not before Maxi had killed Mrs.

Eldridge and injured Nolan. It is revealed that Nolan is in fact a ashtown burials and sheds his skin anytime he is hurt.

Joel Courtney stars in 'Ashtown Burials I: The Dragon's Tooth'

After the battle, Rupert tells Cyrus and Antigone that he ashtown burials taken their father on a quest to find ashtown burials tooth, but Phoenix had gotten there first and was the one who killed their father. Rupert was able to escape, but without their dad's body.

Skelton then had betrayed Phoenix and taken the tooth from him, which is how it came to be in his possession before he gave it to Cyrus. Soon ashtown burials, Cyrus is taken hostage by Ben Sterling, who has been working with Phoenix the whole time. Sterling, as the head cook, poisoned the whole of Ashtown's dinner.

In a moment of empathy, however, he leaves an antidote with Ashtown burials, who is still tied up. Antigone uses the Quick Water and, along with a year-old accomplished member named Diana Boone, rescues Cyrus.


With the help of friends, they are able to administer the antidote. Phoenix enters Ashtown and tells of his plan to rid the world of humanity and use Ashtown ashtown burials a nursery for a superior race, one he will be the master of. Cyrus and Antigone, along with the others, confront Ashtown burials and aggravate him to the point where he changes into Mr.

Ashes, a white haired gorilla-like monster.

The Ashtown Burials Series ~ by N.D. Wilson (New From Random House)

August 05, at Wilson, author of the popular young-adult Cupboards trilogyasked his hometown friend for a little ashtown burials to launch his next book, the first in a projected five-part series titled Ashtown Burial 1: When it came time to make a promotional trailer — which Wilson himself ashtown burials, produced and directed — Courtney was an ideal and convenient choice to star.

In the exclusive video preview, Courtney plays Cyrus, a wayward and rebellious boy who joins a fantastical group of explorers in adventures far beyond the run-down motel he and his sister, Antigone, call home.


Check out a cinematic first look at Ashtown Burials 1: What was your goal with Ashtown Burials? The book is down-home Americana meets global fantasy and adventure. Cyrus and Antigone Smith haven't stopped running since they faced Dr. Phoenix in a burning cigar factory on the Mississippi River.

They survived that clash, but their enemies—the ashtown burials of mankind—grow stronger.