Complete summary of Athol Fugard's The Blood Knot. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Blood Knot. Blood Knot is an early play by South African playwright, actor, and director Athol Fugard. Its single-performance premier was in in Johannesburg, South. Nathan Hinton and Tom Story in Athol Fugard's “Blood Knot,” at “Blood Knot” deals with half brothers Morris, who is light enough to pass as.


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Plot summary[ edit ] The only two characters in the two-hander play are the brothers Morris and Zachariah.

Both were raised by the same black mother, but have different fathers, and Morris is much more fair-skinned than Zachariah. Morris can pass for white, and has done so in the past, but now he has returned to live with Zachariah in a small, miserable shack in the "colored" section of Port Elizabeth.

Morris keeps the house, while Zachariah works to support them both. They are saving money in hopes of buying a farm of their own some day. Both Morris and Zachariah have rich imaginations blood knot fugard have taken part in role-playing games together since they were small boys.


The lonely Zachariah has struck up a pen-pal relationship with a white girl and entertains fantasies that she might fall in love with him.

The more level-headed Morris tries to disabuse Zachariah of such notions and warns him that in segregated South Africa, such a relationship can only mean trouble, especially since the girl has indicated in letters that her brother is a policeman.

blood knot fugard

Morris' fears are soon realized, when Zachariah's pen-pal writes to say that she is coming to visit Port Elizabeth and wants to meet Zachariah. Zachariah must face the tragic truth that he can never have a future with her, that she can never love him, and that she would be horrified to see who he really blood knot fugard.

Blood Knot - Wikipedia

To avoid having her meet Zachariah, the brothers agree to have the white-looking Morris meet her and pretend to be Zachariah. To prepare for the date, Morris buys some fine "white" clothes with the money that he and his brother had blood knot fugard saving.

When he puts on the clothes, he begins to adopt the white mannerisms and speech patterns that he had learned years earlier when trying to "pass" in white society.


As he does so, he begins to treat his brother like an inferior, as any middle-class white South African would treat a black servant. Zachariah works as a gatekeeper at a blood knot fugard. His job is to keep black people from coming into the whites-only park.

He has footsores, from having to stand on his feet all day. Morris prepares hot water for Zach to bathe his feet. Morris has been saving the money that Zach earns, so that they can buy a two-man farm. Zach wants a woman.

The Blood Knot Summary

Morrie has plans for the future, but Zach has blood knot fugard plans. Morrie wants Zach to share his dream of having a farm, blood knot fugard does not seem to realize that Zach must have his own dreams. Morris decides that, since Zach wants to talk to a woman, he should write letters to a woman, so that he will not feel so lonely.


Thus, Morris proposes that Zach write letters to a female pen-pal. Morris looks for personal messages in the classified section of the local newspaper. Blood knot fugard dictates the letters, and Morris copies them.

They start writing letters to a young woman named Ethel Blood knot fugard. Ethel sends a letter with her photo, revealing that she is a young white woman. Morris is fearful that someone will discover that they have written a letter to a white woman, and urges Zach to burn the lettter, but Zach is now excited by the fact that he can defy the oppressive reality of apartheid, and wants to continue writing letters to Ethel.

Ethel says in her next letter that she is coming to visit Port Elizabeth, and that she wants to meet Zach. She does not know that he is black. Zach spends thieir savings on a suit of clothes for Morris, telling him that he should go to see Ethel.

Morris is temporarily dejected by the loss of their savings, which for him represented their hopes for the future.