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Has anyone actually bought a ring from here before? Wedding ring delivered to Fedex, picked it up while travelling. No issues with either purchase, would highly recommend.

Did it differ from the photos? Method 3- Printable Ring Sizer Almost every online jewelry store provides you an option of printing out a variation of a ring sizer.

Here is one from James Allen which allows blue nile ring sizer to wrap the strip around your finger and find the number that fits the slot, which will be your ring size.

Blue nile ring sizer varies from vendor to vendor but check what works as the final sizing should be universal.

Method 4 — Plastic Ring Sizer Some online retailers will send you a free plastic ring sizer where all you have to do is to slip your finger into the provided holes, pick the one that fits the best and note the size.

FREE Plastic Ring Sizer from Blue Nile with FREE Shipping ‐

Blue Nile free plastic ring sizer. Find it here However, there may be restrictions based on your location, so check blue nile ring sizer the vendor sends the sizer to your country.

This is one of the most accurate ways to find your ring size and you can always save it for future reference too, considering that finger sizes change over time. Method 5 — Go to a Local Jeweler If you are wary about any of the above methods, you can always go to a local jeweler and check your size using their handy ring sizers.


To be extra safe, wear a couple of blue nile ring sizer and check if this is the correct size. One way is to ask her mom, sister or best friend, they might know her finger size. Another way is borrow her ring from the correct finger and use one of the methods below to determine its size.

You can take the ring to any jewelry store and ask to them to clean the ring, most stores will perform this service free of charge and then ask the jeweler to check the size of the ring for you.

You can ship the ring to us; we will measure the size and ship it back to you. You can use a ruler to find your ring size. Ring Sizing is a mandatory step to determine your perfect fit of the ring as well as to save money by avoiding the purchase of un-wearable rings. Blue nile ring sizer the perfect ring is not a daunting task.

How to Know Your Ring Size – Jewelry Guide

If all the ring sizes that you have recorded in the past turned to be futile, it is because your timing and method of gauging were improper. Make sure to avoid heavy exercises, water-retaining fruits like apples blue nile ring sizer other salty foods prior to measuring your finger size for engagement rings.

Moreover, every part of our body except the eyes, including the finger, grows. You must periodically re-gauge your finger size for rings, when buying newer ones, to make a worthy buy! If your ring no-longer fits you, rather than storing it off in a dark and dingy safe, it is blue nile ring sizer to re-size it or melt it down to make a new ring with perfect ring gauge that fits and complements you!

Blue Nile Ring Sizer?

Here is a really nice idea, try it yourself: Click Leave a Comment Your email address will not be published. Measure from the inside diameter, not the outside edges blue nile ring sizer the ring. Finally, enjoy the process and have fun with this!

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in life and you want to remember this and look back on your memories of ring shopping as exciting and happy times.

For a ring sizing chart, visit this page: