Blueberry #1 Chihuahua Pearl, $ cover price, 96 pages, in English and in full color. Moebius is one of, if not the best comic artists of all time. Not sure if. Blueberry is Western comic series created in the Franco-Belgian bandes dessinées (BD) tradition by the Belgian scriptwriter Jean-Michel Charlier and French  ‎Synopsis · ‎Publication history · ‎Original publications in · ‎English translations. Read Epic Graphic Novel: Lieutenant Blueberry comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to.


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The publication of La jeunesse de Blueberry in came as a surprise to Blueberry fans. Having left Blueberry on a cliffhanger with Angel Face, blueberry comic Giraud took his extended leave of absence see belowclamor for new Blueberry titles became such, that publisher Dargaud decided to make the move as a temporary stop-gap solution.

While the removal of individual panels was regrettable from a graphics point of view, it entailed no consequences for the plot lines of the shorts, save one; in "Blueberry's Secret" the in the synopsis mentioned Long Sam had witnessed the murder Blueberry was accused of and therefore able to prove his innocence, but is gunned down before he is able to do so by the real murderer, who in turn is gunned down by Blueberry, leaving Blueberry without any recourse to prove his innocence.

However, for the book publication, the two panels which showed the real murderer being killed were cut, blueberry comic a discrepancy as it left readers wondering why Blueberry was so despondent, as, from their point of view, the real killer was still alive.

Blueberry 1: Chihuahua Pearl: Jean-Michel Charlier, Moebius: : Books

Unlike European readers, [60] American readers were afforded a clarification for the discrepancy in the editorial of the ComCat release.

The releases of the two follow-up titles four years later in itself an indication that Dargaud had not planned to do so initially, if only for the substantial editorial effort it took in the pre-computer era to adapt the original digest size for the standard sized comic bookturned out to be in equal measure a stop-gap initiative.

Unable to resolve the royalties conflict, which had dragged on for five years, Charlier and Giraud turned their back on the parent publisher, leaving for greener pastures elsewhere and taking all of Charlier's co-creations with them. Sensing that it might potentially turn out to be a costly defection, the two Young Blueberry titles were released to make the most of the fervor that had surrounded the return of Blueberry.

In their haste to release the two followup titles, in the process also having to pay "renegade" Giraud for his input, the editorial office of Dargaud made a substantial editorial blunder.

Readers, not familiar with the original Super Pocket Pilote publications, found themselves facing a baffling and inexplicable plot twist, only aggravated by the publisher who in unconvincing and confusing text captions tried to explain the discrepancy away, leaving uninitiated fans at the time erroneously suspecting that not all shorts were being published.

In the publisher's defense however, it should be noted that Charlier had confusingly, but unintentionally, given two of his shorts an identical title in French and it is not that much a stretch blueberry comic the imagination to assume the editors believing that the two stories belonged with each other.

Fortunately for the American readership, the correct chronology, pursuant a first correction in a Danish Anthology earlier that year, [61] was adhered to in the ComCat releases.

Ironically, the French themselves, as indeed the rest of Europe, had to wait until the Dutch actually beating the French to the punch by blueberry comic year [62] before the publisher, pursuant regaining the Blueberry rights, could be bothered to correct the chronology for later reprint runs, after having it allowed to persevere for nearly two decades in numerous prior reprint runs for all language editions, the Danish and American editions excepted.

On a positive note, due to the fact that the "Thunder on the Sierra" short numbered 14 pages instead of 16, no editorial cutting was necessary for the third book. Aside from the editorial changes to fit the book format, Giraud made use of the opportunity to recreate a small number of panels to replace those he had felt unhappy about in hindsight.

Again, it were American readers who were afforded his reasoning for this first, in the editorials of the ComCat releases.


Having ended Angel Face on a cliffhanger, Giraud's return to Blueberry five years later with Broken Nose became a media blueberry comic of considerable proportions and demand for Blueberry reached an all-time high. It was then that the creators decided to revisit the Young Blueberry adventures blueberry comic well, which had ended its run in Super Pocket Pilote.

However, Giraud was nowhere near able to take on blueberry comic another major series himself, as he was still working on his acclaimed Incal series as Moebius, besides having embarked on Blueberry again. There actually had blueberry comic an additional, more prosaic reason as well for the decision to do so.

Fort Navajo (Blueberry #1) by Jean-Michel Charlier

After Giraud blueberry comic finished Le bout de la piste he was preparing to leave for Tahiti. Publisher Novedi feared, not entirely unjustified, that it endangered the publication regularity of the main series, and resurrecting, or more accurately, creating the Young Blueberry series, was the back-up strategy they had in mind.

The exceptions are the The Iron Horse and Steelfingers, blueberry comic are 46 pages each. These are all out of print.

Blueberry (comics)

There are four books of Blueberry stories, plus others that contain Moebius sci-fi stories. I would blueberry comic starting with Chihuahua Pearl, which is the beginning of fun and gripping serial, and also seems to be one blueberry comic the easiest stories to find.

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