, English, Book, Illustrated edition: The Bogleheads' guide to retirement planning / Taylor Larimore [et al.] ; foreword by John C. Bogle. Larimore, Taylor. This book was a collaborative effort by the members of the Bogleheads forum and covers the entire spectrum of retirement planning, including: investing, taxes. Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. The global financial crisis, coupled with the reality of a The Bogleheads' Guide to Retirement Planning Kindle Edition. by Taylor Larimore (Author).


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Bogleheads' Guide to Retirement Planning - Bogleheads

Romens THe book opens with a chapter that discusses the difference between saving for retirement — something every adult should be doing as soon as they enter the workforce — and planning for bogleheads guide to retirement. Saving merely means socking away money into something designed for long-term growth.

Understanding Taxes Norman S. Mostly, this chapter just highlights most of the areas of tax law that are really relevant bogleheads guide to retirement individual retirement planning. This is mostly just a great little reference to the different taxes that most of us are subject to.

These can vary in type from savings accounts at your local bank to investment accounts at a brokerage house. Such taxable accounts have one very big advantage — flexibility.

Review: The Bogleheads’ Guide to Retirement Planning

Bogleheads guide to retirement Retirement Arrangements Jim Dahle Another option for a person wanting to take ahold of their own financial destiny are individual retirement arrangements, like Roth IRAs. These are accounts you can set up with brokerage houses that take advantage of specific tax laws to either defer your tax payments on your earnings to retirement or, in the case of Roth IRAs, eliminate them entirely.

Typically, such accounts are set up directly by you with a brokerage house. Thus, such options tend to provide much more flexibility than employer-based accounts like k sbut tend to require a bit more effort on your part.

Your primary concern should be how these plans are insured against the health of bogleheads guide to retirement business.

The Bogleheads' Guide to Retirement Planning by Taylor Larimore

What happens to your pension plan if your business fails? Contents Machine generated contents note: OK'd by Mel Lindauer Printers errors: Savings Accounts and Retirement Plans Chapter 3: It's way to mitigate the disadvantage, but it's not an advantage by itself.

In other words, you don't forego a tax deferred account in favor of a taxable account because you can TLH. Bogleheads know it's a Vanguard fund.

Individual Retirement Arrangements Jim Dahle a. EmergDoc pending author concurrence From Barry Barnitz: The solo k and designated solo Roth k account are k s and not IRAs. Change the bogleheads guide to retirement IRAs to accounts or plans. Numbers are for Other numbers are for Business Finance Nonfiction The Bogleheads are back-with retirement planning advice for those who need it!

It's designed in everyday language and doesn't resort to generalities, for the most part. Centered around a sound investment philosophy put forth by John Bogle, the Bogleheads apply strategy to this philosophy in the investment realm.


Another great aspect is the book is set up in bogleheads guide to retirement sections to be referred to from time to time, making a great reference book. The reaso This is a GREAT book for those about to retire or in retirementnot for those planning 10 or more years earlier.

The reason for knocking a star off is because when I think of 'planning', I think of preparing years ahead. What would I do in my 30's, 40's, and 50's as I near retirement age to be better prepared and not risk losing time as a resource? However, as stated, this is more for those already retired or about to with little to no advise for those forward thinking about bogleheads guide to retirement planning that maybe 10 years or more out.

To be fair, the Bogleheads do have another book out on Investing that can help in this area, in part The Boglehead's Guide to Investing. I would have just like to see more of the retirement-planning-ahead in this book, as well.