INGAA is a non-profit trade association that advocates regulatory and legislative positions of importance to the natural gas pipeline industry in. For several years, the revised guidelines were in effect. But under Executive Order , the President directed the CEQ to issue regulations to. Regulations. Owen L. Schmidt. Have you ever puzzled over a section of the Council on Environmental Quality's. ~CEQ's! regulations, wondering whether you.


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In particular, the Ceq regulations of Interior has issued Secretarial orders and policy memoranda aimed at, among other things, compressing the time and length for agency preparation of environmental impact statements and other NEPA reviews.

CEQ Seeks Input on Potential Revisions to NEPA Regulations

Although any perceived weakening of protections under the Ceq regulations regulations will meet strong opposition from the environmental community, streamlining the environmental review process ceq regulations garnered support across administrations.

Interested parties are encouraged to use this opportunity to submit comments as part of this stakeholder input process.

The comparisons under Sec. Where an inconsistency exists, the statement should describe the extent to which the agency would reconcile its proposed action with the plan or law. This requirement of section 2 E extends ceq regulations all such proposals, not just the more limited scope of section 2 C iii where the discussion of alternatives is confined to impact statements.

This means that the significance of an action must be analyzed in several contexts such as society as a whole human, nationalthe affected region, the affected interests, and the locality.

Significance varies with the setting of the ceq regulations action. For instance, in the case of a site-specific action, significance would usually ceq regulations upon the effects in the locale rather than in the world as a whole.


Both short- and long-term effects are relevant. This refers to the severity of impact. Responsible officials must bear in mind that more than one agency may make decisions about partial ceq regulations of a major action.

40 CFR - Effects. | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

Where state NEPA -equivalent laws may apply to state trustees, state trustees must consider the extent to which they must integrate this part with their NEPA ceq regulations laws.

The requirements and process described in this section relate only to NEPA and federal trustees. Depending upon the circumstances of the incidentfederal trustees may need to consider early involvement of the public in restoration planning in order to meet their NEPA compliance requirements.

Although the steps in the NEPA process may vary among different federal trustees, the process will generally involve the need to develop restoration plans in the form of an Environmental Assessment or Environmental Impact Statementdepending upon the trustee agency's own NEPA regulations.