Learn about how to export and migrate your Circus Ponies Notebook documents to "Notebooks". Circus Ponies Software made Circus Ponies NoteBook, the electronic notebook that helped you take great notes, manage any project, and stay super organized. Circus Ponies NoteBook - Electronic notebook for managing project The iPad version uses a completely different UI paradigm and I don't much like that.


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And still, grading was still much easier on the iPad than using a Mac, as I had the text in my hand, could do the annotations in Good Reader more easily, and could quickly switch to CPN to make the more general notes.

circus ponies notebook ipad

However, you might not want circus ponies notebook ipad use it for the following things: There is no automatic OCR of images and no easy way to do annotations that are really connected to the images or PDFs unless I am missing something. As a stand-alone version: I would not buy it as a stand-alone version — i.


While you can create Notebooks and edit them, the work experience is not as fluid as you would have on a Mac.

It just gets too frustrating.

It does not react fast enough in my experience and when you need to get things down, this can be a problem. For this I would use a notebook or if it has to be an iPad, a simple writing app or even the Notes App and in any case an external keyboard.

Personally, I hope for an update that moves away from trying to copy the App 1: While I love the functions it has especially the outlining pages and this function should remain in any caseI think trying to make it look the same as circus ponies notebook ipad Mac version makes the App too slow and hard to use.

Especially switching between notebooks should become easier and faster, same as loading the notebooks, reordering the cells, etc. Perhaps showing circus ponies notebook ipad controls when you type on a cell to make it easier to get the desired behavior.

It has its uses and if you want to have your CPN files available on the iPad, by all means, this is the app for it.

But it is not as good as the Mac version and in circus ponies notebook ipad experience definitely no stand alone app. But I am unforgiving when it comes to apps that are not snappy or controls that are hard to use. So, that was my experience, has anyone else used CPN on the iPad?

What are your experiences?


There's a chance someone will respond but circus ponies notebook ipad guarantees. With outlining, diagramming, sketching, voice annotation, even PDF mark-up, NoteBook helps you take great notes whatever your note-taking style. Circus Ponies NoteBook is the perfect app for managing projects of any size, assignments and classwork, client information, research, and much more.

Circus Ponies Notebook for iPad | ORGANIZING CREATIVITY

The reason this doesn't work for me is that one of my biggest use cases for a Notebook is to capture data for work and almost all of that data is sensitive data that can't be stored on a cloud service.

Circus ponies notebook ipad for Mac and iOS: This is the solution I have settled on. It is a bit on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for.

I spend so much time taking notes and ferreting away information that the solution I choose has to be very powerful and stable and I need to know that it is going to be around for a few years. OmniOutliner hits all of those points for me. I recommend biting the bullet and buying both the iOS version OmniOutliner 2 and the Mac version if you are like me and need to take notes everywhere you go.

Circus ponies notebook ipad my work purposes I only use the Mac version and keep all the data locally on my machine to get around the sensitive data issue I described earlier.

I recommend buying OmniOutliner for Mac directly from the OmniGroup's website rather than the Mac App Store because you will get discounted upgrades when new versions of the app are released and discounts are not possible through the Mac App Store.

Replacing Circus Ponies Notebook — 1WaySwim

There is an excellent article over at Organizing Circus ponies notebook ipad that goes into great details about how you can do this. I have no intention of trying to duplicate any of that great work here so just give that article a read.

I will warn you that using OmniOutliner for replacing Circus Ponies Notebook is not for the faint of heart. It is going to take a bit of fiddling and you will need to circus ponies notebook ipad some templates in order to really do it right, but in my opinion this is the best "power user" solution moving forward and it keeps your data in a format that quite future proof.