The Core Values Exercise is designed to allow participants an opportunity to explore their personal values on a profound level. By examining a list of “values”. VALUES EXERCISE ADAPTED FROM TAPROOT list, simply write down the words that feel like a core value to you personally. If you think of a value you. It doesn't take years of soul searching and self-reflection to find your core values. The following exercise can help you start living your best life.


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The bright beacon of core values may dim under clouds other people and circumstances cast over them.

That is why it is important to know and stand firm on what your core values are. If you put a small value on your core values, I can assure you that the world will not raise your price. The following exercise can help you start living your best life according to your core values in 30 minutes or less.

Determine your core core values exercise. From the list below, choose and write down every core value that resonates with you. core values exercise

We strive for a high degree of craftsmanship when developing technology, and we believe in supporting local business whenever possible. The same can be said for creating software.

And a few months ago, we had a choice between two development partners to help us core values exercise a new feature for our product. We went with the local vendor, even though it was a bit more expensive.

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List out how each value is communicated and practiced Now take a pink post-it and list out how each particular value is communicated and practiced inside your organization.

Here, you can leverage the map you core values exercise in the last exercise to understand which systems and procedures are already in place for communicating your values.


Here are some helpful questions to guide you and your team in determining how each of your values are communicated and practiced in your org: Are they communicated on your website, so candidates understand what you believe as core values exercise organization before applying?

Are they reinforced during the interview process? Do you ask interviewees questions designed to see if they culturally align to your core values exercise system? Do you train new hires on your values? If you asked a random team member in the office what your values are, would they know off the top of their head?

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Does leadership include your values as talking points in company meetings, emails, and updates? Are your values actually engaged with?

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Do people talk about and live them? When someone makes a decision that compromises your values, are they fired? It allows us to expand our applicant pool to those who would be wary of having to drive to far into our office every day and shows core values exercise we care more about the work you do than where you work.

We respect your time and your ability to do things differently when breaking convention makes more sense. Find missed opportunities While looking at some of the above questions, use orange post-it notes to highlight areas where you could be communicating your values but core values exercise are missing the mark.


If there are disagreements during this exercise, it may be time to re-examine what your values are.