In this tutorial you will learn how to design a beautiful 3d text effect in Corel Draw. The key of creating a 3D effect in a non 3D software is color gradient and. In this tutorial you'll get a proper introduction to the features of the Text Tool and Text Properties docker in CorelDRAW, through the creation of. Follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to create an interesting metallic effect, bronze, on vector objects and text by combining the powerful resources of.


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Creating Worksheet Okay, now that you know the steps and elements, we will begin, first of all open your CorelDraw program, now create a new file, set the paper size to A4 and the units to centimeters.

Copy it with different size similar like below untill it corel draw text effects like a heart pattern. Arrange the star on top of the flow shape that you previously create and apply the transparency value below. If you apply all the steps above it will look similar like below.

First of all open your CorelDraw program.

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  • 3D Effect in Corel Draw

Now create a new file and set the paper size to A2, which is a standard size for posters. Creating Perspective Effect Now that we have our worksheet set, now we will begin to create the Perspective Effect.

First Go to the "Text Tool ", you can found corel draw text effects on the left toolbar, create a text object by left click on the screen and type any word you want, in this tutorial I use " gitchgitch " font which you can download here.

After it breaks, arrange the web text into the bottom of the entheos text. Now select all the objects and go to the upper toolbar, there you will see the " Weld, Trim, Intersect " Tool.

Press Weld in order to weld it. Now we are going to make a line around the object using " Contour Tool", Select the object and go to the Corel draw text effects Tool, its in the left toolbar, after that go to the upper toolbar, there you will see an option contour dialog, make the contour type Outside Curve, Contour Offset 0,1 cm, and the outside color Red and Fill color yellow.

Okay now we are going to apply the corel draw text effects effect into the object. There will be an perspective points on the corner, Drag the perspective point to make an angle.

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Apply it as picture below. Creating the Extrude Effect After the perspective is applied, we need to separate the outline from the object. This will separate the outline corel draw text effects the object.

Now select the Outline and go to the " Interactive Extrude Tool " its in the left toolbar. Hold and Drag the outline to create an extrude effect, to be more accurately please apply the value below. Okay now we are going to put color in the text object.

Select the text object, go corel draw text effects the " Fountain Fill Tool " in the left toolbar, Choose Custom fill on the color blend and make the type Linear.


Now you will see a color box. You can change the color by left-clicking it, fill the color with Light Yellow on the left, middle and right side of the color box.

3D Effect in Corel Draw

You can make a custom fill by double-clicking at the color box. Fill the color with Gold on the middle left, and another Gold on the middle right.

Select the Liquid Smear Tool from the Toolbox a and adjust nib size, pressure, pen corel draw text effects, etc. In the Property Bar. With the Smear tool active, hold down the left button and carefully drag the mouse over the light and dark areas to create tone distortions.

If necessary, change the nib size and the pressure. Drag the mouse slowly from the darker to the lighter areas. Rub again over the affected areas to add minor corrections.