Cornelius Tacitus - A great historian of ancient Rome who wrote a powerful piece regarding Nero's persecution of Christians in 64 AD. A brief biography of the major Roman historian, Tacitus. Information on Cornelius Tacitus. The most famous passage in which Tacitus mentions Christianity is as follows (Annals ). Such indeed were the.


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Germania book The Germania Latin title: De Origine et situ Germanorum is an ethnographic work on the Germanic tribes cornelius tacitus the Roman Empire.

Tacitus on Christ

The Germania fits within a classical ethnographic tradition which includes authors such as Herodotus and Julius Caesar. The book begins chapters 1—27 with a description of the lands, laws, and customs of the various tribes.

Later chapters focus on descriptions of particular tribes, beginning with those who lived closest to the Roman empire, and ending with a description of those who lived on the shores of the Baltic Seasuch as the Fenni. Tacitus had written a similar, albeit shorter, piece in his Agricola chapters 10—— Agricola De vita et moribus Iulii Cornelius tacitus [ edit ] Main article: Agricola book The Agricola written c.


As in the Germania, Tacitus favorably contrasts the cornelius tacitus of the native Britons with the tyranny and corruption of the Empire; the book also contains eloquent polemics against the greed of Rome, one of which, that Tacitus claims is from a speech by Calgacusends by asserting that Auferre trucidare rapere falsis nominibus imperium, atque ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.

To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace. Eddy and Gregory A.

Cornelius Tacitus

Boyd agree with John Meier's statement that "Despite some feeble attempts to show that this text is a Christian cornelius tacitus in Tacitus, the passage is obviously genuine. Meier states that there is no historical or archaeological evidence to support the argument that a scribe may have introduced the passage into the text.

Dunn considers the passage as useful in establishing facts about early Christianse. But its style arises from its form and subject matter and does not point to an early stage of stylistic development.

The date lies between 98 and ; the theme cornelius tacitus this period. Tacitus compares oratory with poetry as a way of literary life, marking the decline of oratory in public affairs: The work reflects his mood at the time he turned from oratory to history.

There were historians of imperial Rome before Tacitus, notably Aufidius Bassus, who recorded events from the rise of Augustus to the reign of Claudius, and Pliny the Elderwho continued this work a fine Aufidii Bassi to the time of Vespasian.

The work contained 12 or 14 books it is known only that the Histories and Annalsboth now incomplete, totaled 30 books.

Tacitus | Roman historian |

Only books i—iv and part of book v, for the years 69—70, are extant. The narrative as it now exists, with its magnificent introduction, is a powerfully sustained piece of writing that, for all the emphasis and colour of its prose, is perfectly appropriate for describing cornelius tacitus closely knit set of events during the civil war of As he approached the reign of Domitianhe faced a Roman policy that, except in provincial and frontier affairs, was less coherent and predictable.

It called for sharper analysis, which he often met with bitterness, anger, and pointed irony. Perhaps his picture of the emperor Tiberius in cornelius tacitus Annals owed something to his exercise on Domitian.

He had won distinction under Nerva and enjoyed the effects of liberal policy; at the same time, he had lived through the crisis of imperial policy that occurred when Nerva and Trajan came to the succession.

This could be argued on six grounds: On 1this evidence could go either way.