8 9 10 M14 Faunistique Cours Baghour Mourad. SVI -. Semestre: S4- Année: 13 M / 15 16 17 11 12 M14 Faunistique TD. Lundi. Baghour. across biotopes (Table S4). .. cours d'eau: approche faunistique. .. Table S4. Taxonomic orders association (-, o, +) to biotopes relative to the overall average. cours de faunistique s4 pdf cours floristique svi s4 floristique s4 resume. DEPARTEMENT DE BIOLOGIE. Filiere Sciences de la Vie - Module de.


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Phytoplankton Biomass The observed values of chlorophyll a on Figure 17vary between 1. The highest values were observed at the site S3, S13, S15 and S16 in the month of February long dry season. These high levels indicate a production of algal biomass in the lake.

The average temperature of We can conclude that this parameter could contribute cours de faunistique s4 the development of hyacinths in this system. The hydrogen potential of water sampled at the monitored sites is between 6.

In view of this, all the values obtained for the pH is acceptable. These pH values between 6. The values above 7 are generally related to eutrophication. This could be explained by the presence of phytoplankton, which, thanks to photosynthesis releases oxygen thereby increasing its concentration and consume CO2 causing the elevation of pH [13].

This high salinity value observed in June rainy season is due to saline intrusion at high tide. The mean registered value of salinity, 8. This could be explained by the fact that the influence of freshwater inflows from the stream, diffuse cours de faunistique s4 and direct precipitation over the lake are less than the ocean flows.

Zero salinity values are observed in the S3 sites Djonou channel whose waters are cours de faunistique s4S9, S10, S20, S11, S19 indicates that these points do not undergo or undergo weakly influences of ocean waters.


Thus the spatial and temporal variations in salinity, depending on the relative importance of continental and oceanic cours de faunistique s4, also condition the seasonal variation in water pH. Thus, for high salinity periods correspond to those of basic water and strongly sequences influenced by continental weakly acidic water.

Contribution à l'inventaire faunistique des acridiens de l'archipel du Cap-Vert.

The lowest values of dissolved oxygen are observed in the month of April early long rains reflecting the strong chemical oxygen demand values observed for the same month at S4 and S6 sites.

Dissolved oxygen is involved in respiration of aquatic organisms, oxidation and degradation of pollutants and contributes to the photosynthetic activity of plants and interaction with the atmosphere. The low cours de faunistique s4 of dissolved oxygen recorded can be justified by the lack of continuous water flows, wastewater discharges of residents at upstream or at these points.

The site S13 and S4 meanwhile has the highest rate of oxygenation, which would certainly due to the fact that it is located in the center of the lake and it is held there a permanent water renewal.

These organisms are not at risk because of reduced dissolved oxygen concentrations that cause the lethal or sublethal effects physiological and behavioral in various organisms, in particular the fishes. The mean dissolved oxygen value is 3.

The highest values cours de faunistique s4 in June and November are probably related to the decomposition of macrophytes in the lake [3]. The suspended solids can asphyxiate Some Aquatic Species-even and the whole aquatic environment when they are present in excess, or to cause momentary anoxia.

The BOD has relatively high values, hovering around The highest values observed in February and April are probably related to the decomposition of macrophytes in the lake.

Cours & TP Faunistique Sur Je Suis Etudiant

Thus, the high grades obtained in S2 is due to strong sewage discharges of Abomey-calavi directly into the water. The highest values cours de faunistique s4 BOD obtained at S4, S5 and S6 stations can be justified by the impact of Dantokpa market the biggest market in Benin in the area, characterized by the dumping of all kinds of waste without any treatment.

This cours de faunistique s4 does not affect plants such as hygrophyte aquatic fish species [21]. As against the low rated values of orthophosphate in S13 and S9 during the month of June show that this element is used by plants for their activity.

Faunistique Svi S4

High concentrations of February dry season could be from a release of phosphorus from lake sediments Phosphorus contents of 3. It is also below the European standard set of toxicity at 6. Indeed, the problems of eutrophication cours de faunistique s4 the waters start at the security levels of 0.

Ammonium concentrations are relatively low 0. There is therefore less risk to aquatic life.