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Major astronomers, astrologist and seers are celebrating the phases of the Tandem Mega-Eclipses, lauding the event impacts, and speculating on the influences cristales de kryon the truly rare amalgam of gravitational vibratory mixtures created.


Beginning with the window of these energies, there will a potent Lunar Eclipse, a Total Solar Eclipse, cristales de kryon potent cometesque Meteoric event The Perseids Meteors joined by be five planets in retrograde.

However, let cristales de kryon be clear, whether visible or not, the incredible influence of this event will absolutely affect the entire planet. This is undoubtedly be a very potent scenario, and although many may feel, initially as if lost, stuck in molasses, and out of sync This combination of five retrograde planets and the meteoric showering offers perhaps the greatest opportunity in centuriesand certainly the greatest in the post 'New Earth' era to make prompt major changes.

The Lunar Eclipse phase will combine with the Solar Eclipse in a unified field embellished by the Perseids meteoric bathe, and will alter the usual effects of the retrograde.


The Mercury retrograde and Saturn retrograde will offer and exquisite energy of codes that properly embrace provide and a unique 'once-in-a -lifetime' opportunity for noble intent co-creation.

Therefore it is a valuable time to embrace meditating focally, to meditate in unison and in individuality cristales de kryon removing obstacles and focusing on 'highest good. Meditating in this phase is exponentially more capable of manifesting goals into 3d reality.

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That is because the eclipses and amalgam cristales de kryon energies are literally flooding the planet with fertile units of life force. The units of cristales de kryon force, of Akash will be maximized to an unimaginable degree in powernodes, and to a higher degree in all points of the planet.

Of course, we are in a phase of unprecedented cleansing, and these astonishing gravities and extreme energies will be incorporated into the overall 'astrological crucible', in which all unresolved issues will percolate to the surface.

You may in such phases feel like the world is going mad, with you included in the overwhelming spin.

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Make no mistake, this phase is extraordinary, and will influence the entire planet. New beginnings, new life can be spawnedfor the Universe is aware of what is occurring, and if approached in high intent, it will plant the seeds of cristales de kryon coming Golden Age.

But as always, intent matters in the planet of free will. You must be the change. If one becomes fixed in conflict or anger, and the aura is fractured, it can also lead to eruptions of spewing cristales de kryon.

Cristales Kryon - Video Dailymotion

In this phase, Metatron tells me that the entire earth cristales de kryon being bathed in codes of the coming Golden Age. The Earth will be upshifted. The intensity is affecting the magnetic of the earth and the ionic ration. Truly this is a benchmark leading to But again, it is an anomalous energy that can cut either way.

Kryon - Egipto Tour, “Ciudad de Luxor”

Where you focus will be amplified, either for the positive or the negativeon the planet of Duality, the University of Earth. The retro planets are not cristales de kryon their usual attributes, as these too are coded, and have purpose, heavily influenced by the rare eclipses.

Especially the west to east LeMurian eclipse of August I find this to be a grand time of shift.