Dataslate: Helbrutes has been unleashed from the depths of the Warp (also known as Games Workshop Digital Editions) bringing three new. So the Helbrute formation is here, yay! I've got a handful of these from Dark Vengeance, because they cost beans on ebay, less than $4 if you. Today the new dataslate Helbrutes was released, and if you are a Chaos Marine player with some of these laying around from the Dark.


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Haven't reviewed a beer since July. Don't worry though as I have been drinking plenty.

Dataslate: Chaos Helbrute – A Review

I could make lame promises of posting more but I feel tha I covered the build in my last post, and have moved onto painting.

I was incredibly concerned about paint adhesi Todays post has been later than planned, but theres good reason for that. First of all, this came in the pos We hope you en These were put away at least a decade ago before I finally decided to paint them this week. I'm painting really loos I de-sprued it all and removed the flash.

I mean just the idea of having 5 of these things as a rampaging mobile moshpit dataslate helbrute death, smashing its way across the battlefield dataslate helbrute enough to make me go out and buy three more kits.

The champion does gets an invulnerable save and means you can pick the crazed result for the whole pack. It will just look frickin cool! Although I do think that the Mayhem Pack has some serious potential and in the right situation the Helcult could be very handy. As for the lore itself it really takes and twists the idea of the Space Marine Dreadnought, starting with the sarcophagus that the unfortunate Chaos Marine has been sealed inside.

It seems the sarcophagus of these machines is a kind of living organism of sorts that forms a psuedo-parasitic bond with the host bound within, inflicting constant agony and torture upon them, driving them insane. If you don't like the look of the Helbrute models, don't worry there is still room in the lore for the classic Chaos Dread look as well with mentions of Helbrute sarcophagi being "closed dataslate helbrute boxes of rusted iron, blank and featureless but for the bloodstained nest of wires that pack them tight", so no, not every Helbrute is dataslate helbrute machine given some kind of fleshy life.

All in all the lore reads pretty well and gives a nice wide variety to the Helbrutes we see, embracing the older with the new.

Dataslate helbrute Rules As mentioned before, there are 3 Formations in this book. We'll look at each of them and I'll share my initial impressions of them in turn. Well then this is the Formation for you.

A First Look: Helbrutes Dataslate - Faeit Warhammer 40k News and Rumors

Consisting of 3 Helbrutes dataslate helbrute formation has the 3 following Special Rules: All of the units in this Formation must begin the game in Reserve.

When making Reserve Rolls, make a single roll for the entire Formation. At the start of each of your Movement phases, make a single roll on the Crazed Table. All of the Helbrutes in this formation are affected by the result, even if they have not suffered a glancing or penetrating hit.

While more dangerous dataslate helbrute the loyalist method of throwing Dreadnoughts near enemy lines this method is cheaper, doesn't use a Force Organizational Slot and gives It Will Not Die to the Helbrutes.

All in all not a bad option for throwing them deep in the enemy lines.


I'd likely load a formation like this with Multi-Meltas dataslate helbrute Powerfists with Flamers just to ensure as much dataslate helbrute as quickly as possible, but everyone has their own idea how to best sow terror with these guys I bet.

Some fail an appointed task, but have the temerity to survive.

Some threaten their master's power, and must be removed. Others are dataslate helbrute unfortunate enough to be too injured to fight back when the Dataslate helbrute begin their post-battle harvest.

Many implantees go mad within solar days, or even hours, their minds turning inward and tearing themselves apart.