Be sure to keep your aquarium that is away from busy, noisy areas of your home to keep your discus happy. Successful breeding of discus fish can be difficult, even if they mate and lay eggs. One of the discus fish secrets related to breeding is that the water must be moderately soft during the mating process. Discus tropical fish are very popular with aquarium owners, however as any experienced owner will tell you, discus are not the easiest fish to keep. If you want to. For example, one can see if the fish is of a desirable round shape; elongated or oval Discus should be avoided. If the fish is of a high bodied.


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The netting also prevented sudden disturbances to the fish discus fish secrets people or vehicles went by. And then I started my painstaking observations that started at 5 in the morning and continued till lunch time.

I would observe fish behaviour such as their movements, their aggression towards each other, their feeding discus fish secrets, their natural body colourings, their fins and general health conditions. This continued for one approximately a month discus fish secrets the thing i hated the most was getting bitten right royally by mosquitoes.

The initial tank setup The tank was all glass and had a bare bottom. I placed a sponge filter which was around a foot tall and half a foot in circumference. I did this by building it myself as I couldn't find commercially available filters at the size I required. I left the bottom bare as I didn't want to clutter the bottom with substrates as well as the fact that I didn't want any food stuck on gravel etc.

No plants as i didn't want any parasites hopping along into my tank via the plants. So basically its was glass tank, filter and fish. I find that Discus fish secrets generally thrive well by themselves in tanks discus fish secrets of any arrangements.

This provides easy cleaning and maintenance and greatly reduces the possibilities of sickness.


Natural logs and plants bought from aquarium stores generally are infested with cysts and encapsulated forms of parasites which can discus fish secrets released when immersed in your aquarium. A flat glass bottom void of any surface material helps keep the tank in easy maintenance mode.

Siphoning discus fish secrets a feed becomes a breeze. No hassle no fuss! Especially anything that can change your water quality such as certain types of aquarium gravel. Also, wash your driftwood in a strong solution of salt and then wash it with fresh water thoroughly before introducing it to your aquarium.

You can dip your plants in a solution of iodine because this kills all the parasites and bacteria and even eggs of pests attached to plants.

Discus Breeding Secrets

Again wash thoroughly with fresh water before plating in your aquarium. Do keep in mind that Iodine is harmful discus fish secrets fish discus fish secrets make sure you wash it all off.

Water temperature After a while i noticed that my Discus were turning black and I was wondering why this was.

It took me a while to figure it out but it struck me one day when I had my hand in the tank one morning Now Discus come from the tropics and one of the hottest regions is the Amazon.

I did a quick reference on the net and found that they did discus fish secrets in water above 27 degrees. So i added a heater which i kept at 28 degrees.


While Sri lanka is also a tropical country, the temperature can drop to 24 or 25 in discus fish secrets nights when the tank is kept inside. What was happening was that while the tank was a healthy 27 to 28 degrees by day, by early morning when no one was around, the temp would go down to 25 degrees.

Discus Fish Secrets - Mac's Discus

So the thermostat was a very good addition and soon I saw them improve. My Discus love temperatures above 28C. I keep a healthy 28C to discus fish secrets range and I find that this discus fish secrets their immune system strong.

Temperatures above 30C are reserved for breeding stimulations and diseases management. I find that 30C to 32C helps the spawning process while 32C to 35C works to control diseases.

Remember at higher temperatures extra oxygen must be supplied to prevent a lack of oxygen situation in your hospital tank. Every Discus tank should have a heater.