Read free book excerpt from Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke, page 1 of 7. Drachenreiter. (Ab 10 J.) [Cornelia Funke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dragon Rider is a children's novel written by German author Cornelia Funke under the title Drachenreiter. It was originally translated into English on


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Encountering a basilisk and a band of zealous archaeologists, the party eventually befriends a kindly scientist named Professor Greenbloom.

Sorrel is initially suspicious drachenreiter cornelia funke soon warms up to him. Professor Greenbloom gives Ben one of two freezing-cold metallic scales, which unknown to the humans, once belonged to Nettlebrand.

Dragon Rider (Dragon Rider, #1) by Cornelia Funke

Twigleg relays the news to Nettlebrand, who immediately makes his way to the dig site to find Professor Greenbloom and recover the scales. Meanwhile, the three searchers set out on the advice of the professor to seek the advice of a Djinnwhose thousand eyes can see everything. Ben succeeds in drachenreiter cornelia funke the Djinn's arcane requirements with the question: Beyond this monastery is the Rim of Heaven.

In the monastery, Ben must break the moonlight on the stone dragon's head. The Djinn also gives them a prophecy: Twigleg is drachenreiter cornelia funke but is allowed to stay due to his almost-perfect ability to understand and translate any language.

Dragon Rider (novel) - Wikipedia

He has been grown very attached to Ben, and he begins relaying false information to his drachenreiter cornelia funke. While flying over the ocean, a lunar eclipse occurs and Firedrake who lives off of moonlightcannot fly.

Drachenreiter cornelia funke falls and lands on the back of an initially frightening but amiable sea serpent. She agrees to take the friends to Pakistan, where they will rendezvous with a Dracologist, Zubeida Ghalib. She alone knows a way to help Firedrake fly without moonlight.

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Along the way, the Serpent tells them among other things about Nettlebrand and his army of red-eyed Ravens. As the peaceful voyage atop Serpent-back continues, they are spotted by one of Nettlebrand's raven spies.

Annoyed, Sorrel throws a stone which drachenreiter cornelia funke has smeared her adhesive saliva.

Dragon Rider : Cornelia Funke :

The stone sticks to the Raven's wing and sends him panicking to shore. In Pakistan, the friends enter a village where Zubeida the Dracologist is living and also find Professor Greenbloom. His wife and daughter, Guineverehave joined him on account of the incident with Nettlebrand.

Deeply worried, the two parties compare their findings, which all point to a single grim drachenreiter cornelia funke is hunting the Dragons who live in the Rim of Heaven, and expects Firedrake to find them drachenreiter cornelia funke him.


Ghalib reveals a legend of a Dragon Rider who once lived in the village. Ben is his reincarnation, drachenreiter cornelia funke his destiny is to save the silver dragons from a terrible enemy. No sooner have they heard the legend than two more of Nettlebrand's ravens descend on them.

Sorrel attempts the saliva trick again, with one variation: