The secret is to create a template that will work for most any ebook format. Create any genre of custom eBook designs for free with Canva's Even if you feel more comfortable with words than design, Canva was created for With an amazing library of templates and easy, drag-and-drop tools, you can create a. I like to recommend using Scrivener, a superb writing, editing, and formatting application, available for either Mac or PC. Literature and Latte - Scrivener Writing  Where do I find beautiful and professional ebook templates for.


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The templates range from catalogues to brochures to standard books, covering a variety of different topics.

Huge List of eBook Templates You Can Download for Free

It has a few dozen designs, from social media posts to eBooks to album covers to posters and menus and more. You choose a design and then you can personalize it.

For eBooks, for example, they have a few ebook template word book design styles, and more all the time. Some of them are free, some of them are not. Keep this in mind. Next you can add and adjust elements on your document.


You can add pages, add images, put in grids, draw shapes or free draw, add text, and a whole lot more. Many elements are free, as are some photos, while a lot of other photos and elements have their own charges associated with them. If you choose to use paid elements, they can range from a few cents to a few dollars each.

Ebook template word can use that element in an ebook template word number of products, until that license expires, at which point you will have to pay for it again. So, your eBook can be free or it can be expensive, depending on how many premium elements you use.

Create Chapter 3 the same way and then include a note in the eBook template telling a user how to create subsequent chapters for their book.

Ebook Template: The Ultimate Guide With Free Downloadable Template

Type the data that you ebook template word to appear in the header into the header. Move to the top of Chapter 1 and click Same as Previous to remove the link to the earlier header.

Repeat this for the footer. Delete the header and footer from the cover page.

I would ebook template word looking to other products besides MS Word for big projects. I've done the same thing as you and tried to find workarounds in order to use Word and make documents look pretty and appealing.

The Ultimate eBook Template [Free Download]

ebook template word The internet offers tons of free tools to do what MS Word has a hard time with Your Audience Your second source of inspiration? The data revealing what your prospects and customers are interested in.

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First, check your site analytics. Which content is downloaded most frequently? Which blog posts have the highest traffic and the longest time on page? Then, head to sites like SpyFuAnswerThePublicor Keyword Tool to find out which key phrases people are searching for and at what volume.

This will tell you which topics and issues your ebook template word care about. What are your competitors writing about?