Valentine: 'Egg and Spoon is an imaginative modern fairytale set in Russia that will delight readers young and old'. An egg-cellent new cafe has opened in St. Kevins Arcade, and it's a breakfast and brunch-lover's dream come true! Say hello to Egg and Spoon. Egg And Spoon. likes. Cafe. Highlights info row image. Highlights info row image. Cafe. People.


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Egg & Spoon

One day, a locomotive arrives and Elena egg and spoon Ekaterina, the daughter of an aristocratic family. After a strange game of Fate, the girls find themselves in opposite sides as Elena is heading to St. Petersburg and Cat meets Baba Yaga.

Noone can predict the end of this peculiar adventure as the girls need to fight their way through deceit, secrets, injustice, poor choices with the myths of their homeland as their source of wisdom. The Firebird, bright soul of all the Russias, casts egg and spoon shadow.

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The focus egg and spoon on the matryoshka doll and the Firebird, the symbol of light and life, the everlasting hope and wealth, the symbol of a mythical world that is so different from the bleak reality egg and spoon by people like Elena.

It is the soul and essence of the nation and ''the soul of Russia is sickly,'' as she says because she can see that soon the result of starvation, toil and oppression will lead to chaos, blood and another form of tyranny.

The Firebird will not be able to fly anymore. The bullets of madmen and the wrath of people forced into a life of humiliation will destroy its wings.

New Opening: Egg And Spoon | Auckland | The Urban List

A young woman should be educated and be paraded like an exotic bird in front of her wealthy suitors. Egg and spoon forbid if she has opinions. God forbid twice if she has the nerve to express them.


An ambitious, Scheherazade-ian novel, rather like a nesting-doll set of stories, that succeeds in capturing some of the complexities of both Russia and life itself. Rich, descriptive language will reward readers who like egg and spoon sink their teeth into a meaty story.

The plot meanders, developing everywhere egg and spoon once yet always intriguing. Alternating and ultimately interweaving story lines add complexity to the plot, which is driven by an enticing mix of mystery, danger and magic.

Egg and Spoon by Gregory Maguire – review | Children's books | The Guardian

The pages are crowded with a cast of vibrant characters, mythical creatures, and legendary objects, as the two central characters embark on a dream-like adventure. The ending has a strong message and brings gravity to an otherwise fanciful tale, where readers must often suspend their disbelief.

The beginning premise of this egg and spoon seems quite simple: Cat, a girl from a wealthy family on her way to visit the tsar's palace, and Elena, a starving peasant girl who is tired of dreary village life, accidentally switch places.

I felt like the opening chapters were rather slow, and the serious illness of Elena's mother and the conscription of her brother into the tsar's army didn't move me in the way Egg and spoon felt they should have done. After an accident, Elena finds herself in Cat's place on a train heading towards St Petersburg, while Cat is stranded in poverty-stricken Miersk.

Egg and Spoon by Gregory Maguire |

At this point, the plot picks up, as Elena discovers a firebird's egg and Cat is picked up by none other than Baba Yaga in her ambulatory house perched on chicken legs! Witty Baba Yaga certainly livens up the story, so egg and spoon was slightly disappointing that she didn't make an appearance until about a third of the way through the story.

I enjoyed the amusing banter between Baba Yaga and egg and spoon talking cat, Mewster.