: Diplomatija, savremena & ekonomska by David Dj. Dasic and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. Ekonomska diplomatija – izazov visokog prioriteta za Bosnu i Hercegovinu Non nova sed nove (Ne nova, već na novi način) Sa ra je vo, a ug us t 2 01 3. Ljubomir Jacic · @Jacic University Professor,specialised in industrial d in Belgrade and Washington Ph.D. in.


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Kakve mjere treba preduzeti da bi koncept bh. Organizacija ekonomska diplomatija diplomatije u Ministarstvu vanjskih poslova BiH Od Odsjek za ekonomsku diplomatiju organizacijski pripada Sektoru za bilateralne odnose i ima osam diplomata.

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U praksi to ekonomska diplomatija Santos, 10 PH embassies, consulates to be closed, U principu su iskustva s bh. U aktuelnoj situaciji tzv.


Poslovni forum — pozitivan primjer efikasnog koncepta bh. Ekonomska diplomatija poslovnog foruma vani predstavlja proaktivan pristup ekonomskoj diplomatiji, jer bh. U prvoj polovini O intenziviranju aktivnosti bh.

Ona je zemlja koja ima velike potencijale. Ashgate Publishing limited, A Comparative Perspective, prosinac Oxford University Press, The views expressed here are those of the Foreign Policy Initiative BH and are not to be understood ekonomska diplomatija in any way reflecting the views of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

Economic Diplomacy — High Priority Challenge for Bosnia and Herzegovina Non nova sed nove Not new, but in a new way — Resolving economic issues in ekonomska diplomatija relations has become an inherent part of diplomatic theory and practice.

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Increased globalisation and trade liberalisation led to fierce competition on domestic and foreign markets. Consequently, countries which have not embraced the concept of economic diplomacy cannot have a proactive role in relations with other countries and they become objects of economic diplomacy of other countries.

In the post-war period, time of aid receiving and partial rebuilding in the country, development of a strong concept of ekonomska diplomatija diplomacy emerged as the highest priority in the foreign policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The concept of economic diplomacy of Bosnia and Herzegovina has not yielded satisfactory results, which is best manifested in the large trade deficit.

In order for the concept of economic diplomacy of Bosnia and Herzegovina to be more efficient, it is necessary to undertake permanent activities and apply the tools of economic diplomacy that are developed in a manner suitable to the given time and place.

Despite numerous difficulties associated with the concept of economic diplomacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is, nonetheless, taking ekonomska diplomatija clear shape and has a real chance to develop into an effective leverage that will enhance the growth of the domestic economy.

Economy as an integral part of diplomatic practice At the beginning of the 21st century, the increasing pace of globalisation created, in terms of the economy, a new reality in international relations.

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Increasing globalisation diminishes ekonomska diplomatija distance between countries, reducing the travel or transport time and transaction and transport costs and enabling direct communication with business partners by means of Internet or telephone, regardless of the distance. State economies are increasingly ekonomska diplomatija and the volume of world trade is growing at ever increasing pace.

Investments are planned all over the world and there is a free flow of capital on a global scale. The resources are depleting because the population growth and adoption of values of a consumerist society have led to the resources being exploited faster.


The classical understanding of a state sovereignty is challenged by continuously growing interdependence of states, which, together with trade liberalisation, enables the establishment of networks within and between regions that weaken state borders and trade barriers.

Under the circumstances of ever increasing free movement of people, goods, capital ekonomska diplomatija services that resulted in enormous competition both on foreign and domestic markets, diplomacy should give priority to the economic prosperity of the country, so that geoeconomics take precedence over geopolitics.

Ekonomska diplomatija

Developed concept of economic diplomacy as a priority of foreign policy in the contemporary era responsible governments respond to the events arising from the recent globalisation processes by developing the efficient concept of economic diplomacy, which can respond to the challenges we face.

Developing the concept of economic diplomacy is the best method to successfully carry out the foreign policy under the circumstances when it is necessary to continuously look for best foreign investors and new markets for domestic products as a requirement for economic development and reduction of unemployment in the country.

Economic diplomacy means diplomatic activities directed towards improving and protecting the economic interests of a country, while the concept of economic diplomacy should ensure that the activities of economic diplomacy are efficient and successful.

A concept of economic diplomacy should be strategically designed, coherent and coordinated in ekonomska diplomatija.