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Antonio mingote ivam institut valenci d39art modern 27 january Search for: However, given the importance of social play for development, these findings may also indicate el mus mingote adverse side effect of methylphenidate.

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Despite the widely recognized efficacy of methylphenidate in the treatment of ADHD, its neurobehavioral mechanism el mus mingote action is incompletely understood. Methylphenidate blocks the dopamine transporter and the noradrenaline transporter Ferris and Tang, ; Ritz et al,thus increasing the extracellular concentrations of these catecholamines.

Studies in humans have shown that methylphenidate increases impulse control Tannock et al, ; Aron et al,attention Solanto et al, ; Hawk et al, ; Overtoom et al,and working memory Mehta et al, in ADHD patients, as well as in healthy subjects Elliott et al, ; Mehta et al, ; Pietras et al, ; Volkow et al, Comparable findings have been obtained in rodents Arnsten and Dudley, ; Berridge et al, ; van Gaalen et al, ; Bizot et al, ; Eagle et al, Studies on the effect of methylphenidate on discrete cognitive processes are essential in understanding its mechanism of action.

However, the psychopathology of ADHD not only manifests in subjects instructed to engage in a particular task such as in a classroom setting but also prominently in spontaneous social el mus mingote, leading to the pattern of unstable relationships, unemployment, and criminal behavior associated with ADHD American Psychiatric Association, ; Biederman and Faraone, Studies in rodents have shown that methylphenidate disrupts social behavior in adolescent and young adult rats Beatty et al, el mus mingote Thor and Holloway, ; Arakawa,but the neurobehavioral background of this effect and its relationship to the therapeutic effects of methylphenidate in ADHD remain elusive.


In humans, knowledge on the effects of methylphenidate on social behavior comes from parent and teacher reports, and these studies have for the most part focused on disruptive and aggressive behavior in ADHD Hinshaw and Lee, el mus mingote Pelham et al, ; Schachter et al, ; Connor et al, ; Chacko et al, Between weaning and sexual maturation postnatal dayswith a peak between postnatal daysrats display a great deal of a characteristic, highly vigorous form of social behavior, termed social play behavior Panksepp et al, ; Vanderschuren et al, ; Pellis and Pellis, Social play behavior is thought to subserve social and cognitive development, because social isolation in rats during the 2 weeks in adolescence when social play is most abundant leads to long-lasting behavioral disturbances in the social domain Hol et al, ; Van den Berg et al, a.

Thus, because of 1 the limited understanding of the effects of methylphenidate on social behavior in relationship to its therapeutic effects in ADHD and 2 the importance of social play for behavioral development, we investigated the neurobehavioral mechanisms underlying the effect of methylphenidate on social play behavior in adolescent rats, using doses of the drug that are comparable to those used for the treatment of ADHD Elia et al, ; Solanto, ; Kuczenski and Segal, ; Kutcher et al,