Elric of Melniboné, also called The Albino Emperor, Elric Womanslayer, Elric Kinslayer, the Pale Prince of Ruins, The White Wolf, and many other names beside. Elric of Melniboné has ratings and reviews. J.G. Keely said: I have spent a long time searching for a modern fantastical epic which is worth r. The Elric Saga: Part I (Elric of Melnibone, The Sailor on the Seas of Fate, The Weird of the White Wolf) [Michael Moorcock] on *FREE* shipping on.


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Despite announcing The White Wolf's Son as marking his retirement from writing fantasy novels, Moorcock continues to produce new novellas featuring Elric and Rackhir thus returning the Saga elric melnibone its short story roots of the Science Fantasy era.

He acts to eliminate Elric melnibone so that he would take the Ruby Throne, as Elric is without heirs, making Yyrkoon his successor.

The Elric Saga (series)

Due to Yyrkoon's treachery, Cymoril is placed in a trance and kidnapped. On the way to the first gate when asked to dance, never assume it is for your elric melnibone good.

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elric melnibone A giant of Chaos felled by the arrow of justice. The guardians are met. Makers of Tanelorn they aide the adventurer's on their quest for the fourth gate. A domain of Law entered.

Elric of Melnibone 1: Michael Moorcock: : Books

This plane of flat gray with no surface features or color shows the joys and imagination of the single arrow. And finally they are met by a friend unlooked for and encounter elric melnibone Gray Lords. Advice is given and flying boatman are sought to aide against the beggar hoards.

A climatic battle rages with many Chaos allies being thrown into the fray but at last the victory is won and Tanelorn is saved.

In which, at long last, Elric melnibone fate begins to be revealed to him as the forces of Law and Chaos gather strength for the final battle which will decide the future of Elric's world A blade renounced in peace is taken up in battle and so anew, is forged the symbiotic link.


Elric rises the spirit of the demon slain during his wife's abduction and learns of a new riddle, a new quest, as the fates turn A message from the Chaos lords "Hope" for his wife lived, and a task to be accomplished, err his reunion. A lost elric melnibone found and joint journey shared.

The Ten have awakened. Fates servants are released with a deadly mission to bring about the end of an age.

To the battlefield driven as Chaos unleashes it's first attack in what will become the battle to win elric melnibone of Elric's plane. A retreat is sounded and a defeat dealt to Elric and his allies.

Betrayed by a fellow ally, Elric and his cousin fight alone against many, however the Fates have more then a quick death planned and so the Ten ride to Elric's rescue. A journey to the Ten's home reveals further revelations concerning Elric, and his cousin, and the Rune Elric melnibone, StormBringer and Mournblade.

A elric melnibone to meet the Dead Gods is undertaken with the hope of saving Elric's wife.

Darnizhaan is confronted and Elric is told of the strange consequences of retaining elric melnibone Rune Blades and the possible end of the earth. Ignoring all but his hatred of his wife's captor, Elric and elric melnibone cousin sing a deadly song while controlling the Rune Blades and rend the Dead God into nothingness thus retrieving something more precious then life for Elric, his wife.

Elric of Melniboné

A return to the Ten and elric melnibone information concerning Elric's place in Fate's designs. He is to bring about the end of his world in order to allow a new and stronger one to emerge.

In which Mournblade returns to help decide an issue between Elric and the Lords of Chaos A new quest is undertaken, to seek out and destroy the newly returned Dukes of Hell and cleanse Elric's plane of their influence. To the sorceress Pan Tang isles and the city of the screaming statues they travel.

The battle begins in earnest as Elric fights the Dukes for possession of his elric melnibone soul.