A backgrounder on the farm mechanisation sector in India that was prepared for the EIMA Agrimach Agrimach is a flagship FICCI. The story of the development of agricultural mechanisation in India is both .. The growth in farm mechanisation and investments in machinery and equipment. ICFA. NATIONAL ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE. INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE, NEW DELHI. 31 January FARM MECHANIZATION.


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Mechanization has become a necessity due to higher costs and paucity of farm labour, said Rajesh Rajora, principal secretary agriculture with the farm mechanization in india government. A tractor needs at least 1, hours of operation every year to be economically viable, while two hectares means at most hours.

Essay on Farm Mechanisation in India

Every year, nearly 4. As purchasing equipment is costly and unviable for small farmers, custom hiring is the way out- Rajesh Rajora, principal secretary agricultureMadhya Pradesh government. In comparison, Madhya Pradesh is promoting CHCs as a simple and transparent way of renting farm equipment.

Rural youth under 40 years with an undergraduate degree can farm mechanization in india for a grant under the scheme. While agricultural graduates are preferred, final applicants are selected through a lottery.

farm mechanization in india

Applicants have to place a margin money of Rs5 lakh and the rest is financed by bank loans. After the candidates are selected, they are sent for a week-long technical training that is a prerequisite to qualify for the bank loan.

The factors which are creating hurdles against farm mechanization in india mechanisation of agriculture include mounting pressure of population on farm mechanization in india, small and fragmented holding, acute poverty and ignorance among the farmers etc. Thus mechanisation also helps in improving utilization efficiency of other inputs, safety and comfort of the agricultural worker, improvements in the quality and value addition of the agricultural produce and also enabling the farmers to raise a second crop or multi-crops making the Indian agriculture attractive and a way of life by becoming commercial instead of subsistence.

It is known to us that farm power availability and the average food grain yield have a direct relationship. Those states like Punjab and Haryana, where availability of farm power is more usually have in general higher productivity as compared to other states.


Though India is considered as one of the top countries in respect of agricultural production farm mechanization in india in terms of farm mechanization, it is behind the world average. For instance, the tractor density in India is about 16 tractors for hectares land, while the world average is 19 tractors and that of developed countries is very high.


Thus it is observed that there is significant opportunity and scope for mechanization of agriculture. Essay on the Progress of Farm Mechanisation in India: In Farm mechanization in india, the progress of mechanisation of farm has received a boost during the post-green revolution period.

The progress of farm mechanisation in India can be revealed from Table 7. For example, the number of tractors which was only 0.

Farm Mechanization in India

The density of tractors per lakh hectares of gross cropped area also increased from 20 in to in Again the number of oil engines rose steadily from 2. The density of oil engines per lakh hectare of gross cropped area also increased from in farm mechanization in india 2, in and that the density of electric motors per lakh hectare of gross cropped area also rose from in to 4, in All these led to significant increase in the area under irrigation.

Moreover, the consumption of power in the agricultural sector per thousand hectare of gross cropped area rose sharply from 5.


Despite the preponderance of small holdings in an agricultural country like India, selective use of machines for tillage operations is showing considerable growth in recent years. This is evident from the farm mechanization in india number of tractors and power tillers sold in recent years as shown from the Table 7.

  • Farm Mechanization in India
  • Farm Mechanization in India
  • Farm Mechanization in India
  • A quiet revolution in farm mechanization
  • A quiet revolution in farm mechanization
  • A quiet revolution in farm mechanization

Again the total sale of tractors and power tillers has also increased from 1. This contribution farm mechanization in india was The contribution of tractors and power tillers to the total power availability in agriculture, during the same period, has increased from 7.

During this period, the total power availability increased from 0.

It is estimated that, at present, about Thus, there has been a considerable progress towards mechanisation in irrigation, harvesting and threshing operations.