In his novel Les aventures de Télémaque , François de Salignac de la Mothe-. Fénelon (Á) expresses strong and original views on the topics of. FENELON Les Avantures de Télémaque fils The folio Telemachus preserved in | Rare books, first editions and antiquarian books. The superb copy from the first issue printed in coming from Edmée Maus' library of the Avantures de Télémaque by Fenelon, one of the greatest successes.


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Les Aventures de Télémaque - Wikipedia

Binding from the 19th century signed Hardy. The importance of this work is such that the general catalogue of printed material from the national library lists copies printed between and in 15 different languages.

It is due to a betrayal. In a memorandum in his own handwriting, Fenelon explicitly declares: Translated soon after in all languages, it had an enormous success and still today holds a renown that fenelon telemaque to defy time.


Indeed, we know that, inFenelon became the home tutor of the three sons of the Grand Dauphin. He mostly had to take care fenelon telemaque the duke of Burgundy, the most difficult of them, who happened to be at the same time heir to the throne.

Putting his trust in book fourth, he chose the hero most likely to interest his student: The princes and governments of the real world will be compared with them.

Les Aventures de Télémaque

Contrary to Louis XIV, whom he resembles in many traits of character, Idomeneus renounces conquest and is able to make peace with his neighbors. The prosperous fields and laborious capital are schools of virtue, fenelon telemaque law rules over the monarch himself.

Everything here is brought down to a "noble and frugal simplicity," and, in the harmony of a strictly hierarchical society, everything combines in a common utility. This is my son, mine own Telemachus, To whom I leave the fenelon telemaque and the isle Well-loved of me, discerning to fulfill This labor, by slow prudence to make mild A rugged people, and through soft degrees Subdue them to the useful and the good.

Most blameless is he, centered in the sphere Of common duties, decent not to fail In offices of tenderness, and pay Meet adoration to my household gods, When I am gone. He works his work, I mine.