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So, the study of caspases roles to reset the ficha pma2 complementary mechanism focuses on deficient ficha pma2 complementary caspases. So, the aim of this work is to demonstrate that the reset of Caspase-3 gene expression induces apoptotic cell death in MCF7 cells which are used as a model of breast cancer considering such a molecule as a potential biopharmaceutical for gene therapy.

Culture and treatment of human breast cancer MCF Samples were collected for further testing.

Cells were counted using the trypan blue staining. Harvested cells were collected and a 1: Then, sample was set on the hemocytometer and counted using an ficha pma2 complementary microscope 20X.

Cells were plated into well plates and allowed to grow for 72 post-transfection. Positive control of apoptosis was induced ficha pma2 complementary 3 mM H2O2 for 4 h positive control of death.


Subsequently, proteins were 8 transferred to a nitrocellulose membrane following standard protocols. Then, membrane was incubated with anti-casp3 for 4 h. Finally, it was incubated with a secondary antibody coupled to peroxidase by 2 ficha pma2 complementary and it was revealed in a transilluminator.


Cells were harvested and washed twice with cold PBS and then re-suspended in 1X binding buffer. Cells were analyzed without washing on a flow cytometer within 1 ficha pma2 complementary.

It ficha pma2 complementary observed that percentage of viability of MCF7 cell line, determined by trypan blue exclusion and by MTS after different transfections, drops dramatically in cultures transfected with pcDNA3-Casp3-myc active caspase at 72 h.

Transfected cells with pcDNA3-Casp3 CA-myc mutated caspase plasmid showed activity even when there is a mutation in the active site of such a caspase.

The result is shown in Figure 2.

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As observed, transfected cells ficha pma2 complementary Casp-3 gene 8 and 9 lines show the amplified gene in contrast to control cells where there is not DNA amplification 6 line. Agarose gel amplified PCR for casp3 bp gene.

As shown in Figure 3, cultures transfected with active caspase have characteristic apoptotic features, contrary to the cultures transfected with the mutated caspase nor in control cultures where the pattern is not apoptotic. Such a morphology has been reported in protocols where cell death in MCF7 cells was induced by another compounds Mandal et al.

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Apoptosis was also determined by Annexin-V assay by flow cytometry. Transfected cells with active caspase plasmid shown an apoptotic pattern in early stages but a secondary necrotic pattern was present at 72 h. Transfected cells with the mutated caspase plasmid showed an apoptotic pattern due to the delay in the apoptosis development.

Control cells did not show any type of cell death. Finally, DNA fragmentation was determined into an agarose gels pattern. MCF7 cells do not develop a specific fragmentation pattern due to the fact that casp-3 is not present Ofir et al.

Obtained results shown that in transfected 10 cells with active-caspase 3 gene and mutated-caspase 3, typical fragmentation patterns of pb and multiples were observed in contrast to ficha pma2 complementary control culture Data not shown.

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Conclusions It was observed that the reset of Ficha pma2 complementary gene ficha pma2 complementary in MCF7 cells allows to induce programmed cell death in an efficient way, causing a significant decrease in cell viability.

Apoptotic cell death pattern was corroborated by nuclei morphology fragmentationAnexinV staining and DNA fragmentation pattern. The activities of active and mutated caspases 3 were also corroborated observing that the last one has lower activity.

Transcriptional profiling of MCF7 breast cancer cells in response to 5-Fluorouracil: Relationship with cell cycle changes and apoptosisand identification of novel targets of p