Helping people get fit over the age of 40 years old, get fit over 40, health, workout, fitness, 40, 50, 60, weights, running, eating, diet, lifestyle, personal trainer. Are you over 40 (or any age & want to workout smarter, and not harder)? Would you like to be done with your workouts in less time than it takes to check a. Who says that your body has to get worse because you've hit middle age? Clearly, these ultra-fit over stars didn't get the message.


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Working with so many role models—up close and personal—allowed me to extract their secrets and literally "clone their success!

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I doubt that anyone has had as much opportunity as I've had for close observation of dozens of OVER Fitness success stories—in the gym as well as in their natural habitats and everyday lives. My "insider access" allowed me a stunning peek inside their heads to find out how they think and inside their kitchens and gyms to understand how they eat and train.

I discovered that every successful person had certain things in common. These commonalities are crucial, vitally important, profoundly significant, and when you understand them, can be quickly and easily duplicated and installed in you. But mere imitation is not enough, and because of the genetic individuality factor, it can sometimes even be the cause of failure Bruce Lee, the legendary martial artist who created his own fit over 40 arts system, once said, "Research, absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.

And the results were astonishing!

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Within fit over 40 months, I totally reversed the damage I had done to my body and literally slashed at least years off my biological age: My doctors couldn't believe it! I sat on the doc's table with my shirt off, as always.

He walked in, acted like he'd never seen me before, looked down at his clipboard, then looked up and said, "I treated a Jon Benson a few years back I had discovered that role modeling is What I now know about modeling health and fitness can so dramatically transform your life—simply, quickly and cheaply—that I OWE it to you to share these secrets.

And fit over 40 now become my JOB. For the past several years, I've been passionately teaching what I've learned through my website, newsletter and TTP Total Transformation coaching program.

Fit Over Middle-age and Senior Health, Fitness, and Hormone Restoration! - Squeeze

My clients have fit over 40 such breathtaking success, that I knew I absolutely HAD to find a way to share my "amazing discovery" in a much bigger way. Some of my clients said that I should write a book about my transformation.


fit over 40 But I had an even more ingenious idea Since role models helped ME so much, I said, Why not compile an entire book full of role models and let them write about their own transformations —in their own words— to serve as examples, to educate and to motivate other people?

I immediately knew that a book of role models would be a much more powerful work than if I wrote a book on my own. So I spent an entire year searching the globe to find 52 role models who made amazing transformations of their own and were willing to share their stories with the world.

I also decided that the book would be twice as powerful if it were written fit over 40 two people—and picking a co-author for a book about modeling fitness success was not difficult: Tom is only in his mid 30s, but he's been studying the secrets of health and fitness success for over 15 years!

That's powerful stuff—all those pictures, personal stories, and how-to, rolled into one package. The jury is still not in, it's only been a very short trial so far but I will be committed to this diet for at least a full month.

Some small exceptions I have made to make things a bit more compliant to my lifestyle are the fit over 40.


I do add some spices that will have some vegetable products in them. She was young and fit, with skin as smooth as porcelain.

I found myself being a fit over 40 bit catty and snarky in my head while she was doing her perfect leg lifts. But as quickly as the snarky comments in my head appeared, they disappeared.

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  • How to Get (and Stay) Fit Over 40
  • That's when the idea hit me!

So, I sucked up my pride, peeled my year-old body off the floor and looked her way. How old are you?


Like 40 or something?