We have some huge news in the cat rescue community. A few weeks ago, the results of a study about FIV transmission between infected and. FIV stands for feline immunodeficiency virus. FIV typically causes a weakening of the cat's immune system. It is the same class of virus as HIV (a lentivirus); however, only cats can get FIV. FIV is the only non-primate lentivirus to cause an AIDS-like syndrome, but FIV is not typically fatal for cats, as they can live relatively healthily as carriers and transmitters of the disease for many years. A vaccine is available although its efficacy remains ‎: ‎Group VI (‎ssRNA-RT‎).


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The initial stage, or acute phase, is accompanied by mild symptoms such as lethargyanorexiafeverfiv in cats lymphadenopathy. Here the cat demonstrates no noticeable symptoms for a variable length of time.

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) | FIV cats | Caring for a cat with FIV | Blue Cross

Some cats stay in this latent stage for only a few months, fiv in cats for some it can last for years. Factors that influence the length of the asymptomatic stage include the pathogenicity of the infecting virus and FIV subtype A-Ethe age of the cat, and exposure to other pathogens.


Finally, the cat progresses into the final stage known as the feline acquired immune deficiency syndrome FAIDS stagewherein the cat is extremely susceptible to secondary diseases that inevitably are the cause of death.

It should be noted that this fiv in cats identifies those cats that carry the FIV antibody but does not detect the actual virus.

Feline immunodeficiency virus

False positives occur when the cat carries the antibody which is harmless but does not carry the actual virus. The most frequent occurrence of this is when kittens are tested after ingesting the antibodies from mother's milk, and when testing cats that have been previously vaccinated for FIV.

For this reason, neither kittens under eight weeks nor cats that have been previously vaccinated are tested. Kittens and young cats that test positive for the FIV antibody may test negative at a later time due to seroreversionprovided fiv in cats have never been infected with FIV and have never been immunized with the FIV vaccine.


Cats that have been vaccinated will test positive for the FIV antibody for the rest of their lives owing to seroconversioneven though they are not infected. Therefore, testing of strays or adopted cats is inconclusive, fiv in cats it is impossible to know whether or not they have been vaccinated in the past.

For these reasons, a positive FIV antibody test by itself should never be used as a criterion for euthanasia.

Feline immunodeficiency virus - Wikipedia

Early detection helps maintain the cat's health and prevents spreading infection to other cats. With proper care, infected cats can live long and healthy lives.


The absence of any observed adverse events in several animal species fiv in cats that the product has a very low toxicity profile. Purification of protein from bovine-derived stromal cell supernatants produces a substantially homogeneous factor, free of extraneous materials.

The bovine protein is homologous with other mammalian species and is a homogeneous 50 kDa glycoprotein with an isoelectric point of 6. The protein is prepared in a lyophilized fiv in cats microgram dose.

FIV in cats

Reconstitution in sterile diluent produces a solution for subcutaneous injection. Vaccine[ edit ] As with HIV, the development of an effective vaccine against FIV is difficult because of the high number and variations of the virus strains.

It was developed using inactivated isolates of two of the five FIV subtypes or clades: A Petaluma and D Shizuoka. Fiv in cats these reasons the vaccine is considered "non-core", and the decision to vaccinate should be made after discussion with a veterinarian and consideration of the risks fiv in cats.

FIV displays a similar structure to the primate and ungulate lentiviruses. I have other cats in my household. What should I do? Infected cats are a possible fiv in cats of infection so other cats in the household should be FIV-tested.

Ideally, all FIV-positive cats should be isolated or rehomed where there will be no contact with other cats.

However, as the risk of transmission by social contact such as sharing food fiv in cats and mutual grooming is low, many owners decide to continue keeping all their cats together. Feed cats using separate food bowls, as large amounts of the virus are present in saliva.

Litter trays and food bowls should be disinfected after use to fiv in cats the virus. The virus dies outside the cat within a few hours so infection is not easily carried on objects.