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Die Stereometrie stellte im antiken Griechenland einen der Wissenschaftsbereiche dar, die von herausragender Bedeutung waren.

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Aanvankelijk wordt vooral de driedimensionale Euclidische ruimte bestudeerd, waarvoor de model staat. Section II presents the numerical method used to solve the time dependent Ginzburg-Landau equations and how to find the vortex configurations and their energies in mesoscopic squares and triangles [].

The discussion of the results is presented in Geometria espatial prismas III. We present results concerning the vortex state in long mesoscopic superconductors with a square and triangular cross-section. Also, we discuss meta-stable configurations for given values of total vorticity.


It is possible that these configurations and their occurrence frequencies can be observed geometria espatial prismas due to surface barriers. Finally, we present our conclusions in Section IV. Lengths in units of length penetrationtime in unitstemperatures T in units of critical temperature Tc.

The general boundary condition for superconductors, found by de Gennes [14], is given by: Complex link variables Ux and Uy are introduced to preserve the gauge-invariant properties of the discretized geometria espatial prismas.

Uxand Uy are introduced to preserve the gauge-invariant properties of the discretized equa are related to A by: The TDGL equations 1,2 can be written in the following form: We used this method to obtain our results.

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The outline of this simulation procedure is as follows: The applied magnetic field is increased smoothly from zero to a value where the superconductivity will be destroyed completely. For each applied field we follow the temporary evolution of the magnetic induction and of the superconducting order parameter to obtain a stationary solution.

Geometria espatial prismas Ginzburg Landau equations describe the gradient flow for the Gibbs free energy. Thus, in principle, the output of the time geometria espatial prismas Ginzburg Landau should correspond to the global minimum of the energy of the system.

RESULTS In this section, we study two mesoscopics systems, a a mesoscopic superconducting square imbedded by a metallic material or by another superconductor at higher critical temperature and b a triangular sample surrounded by an insulating material.

We can observe a linear behavior of d as a geometria espatial prismas of lnb, separating the type I from the type II superconductors. The above results seem to be in reasonable agreement with previous studies [6].

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Also, we study a superconducting square imbedded by another superconductor at higher critical temperature. Geometria espatial prismas magnetization curve as a function of b is shown in Fig.

We can observe a linear behavior of M b in the interval [ For this b interval, the sample always remains in the Meissner geometria espatial prismas and will be more pronounced for smaller values of b.

What over time generated a higher sense of deepening geometria espatial prismas the prism and its geometry. Always with his constant study and transformation.