This chapter presents an introduction to applied geomorphological mapping. Geomorphology is part of the broad range of disciplines that fall under the general. The geomorphological map, in its various forms, represents recent efforts of many geomorphologists, including most European practitioners, to develop a. Plan. Introduction. Geomorphological Site Mapping: a proposal. Paper maps. Scale. Examples. Digital maps: principles and examples. Concluding remarks.


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An example of this procedure is shown in figure 1 Pellegrini et al.

Agrandir Original png, k The elementary landforms to be mapped are those mentioned in the geomorphological mapping description Pellegrini et al. This map shows three geomorphosites in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, in the upper valley of the R. Avio geomorphological mapping the province of Brescia Lombardy.

Part of the map has been reproduced here geomorphological mapping a topographic basis geomorphological mapping order to emphasize the geomorphological graphics.

The use of geomorphological symbols is limited to the mapping of single forms, which identify the geomorphosites.

Guidelines for geomorphological sites mapping: examples from Italy

An example of a traditional geomorphological map and a corresponding geomorphosite map for specialists can be seen in the geomorphological map of the area shown in figure 2, contained in Geomorphological mapping and Carton The meaning of the morphological symbols is explained in a single box on the same map.

The use of symbols is limited to showing the single forms, which together identify the three areal-type geomorphosites. In the printed version geomorphological mapping meaning of the morphological symbols is explained in a separate box on the map itself.

In order to attain this goal, the topographic background can be provided by existing documents, such as those used by Tourist Promotion Agencies.


The use of road maps, with an opportunely modified scale less than 1: Geomorphological mapping are pinpointed by means of shading, or with a contour showing their extent. The use of colours in shading or in the box frame may be of some use in transmitting further information reason for choice, degree of interest, etc.


Supplementary information geomorphological mapping given regarding the location of the recommended inner or outer observation point of the geomorphosite panoramic pointand the best lighting conditions.

The latter aspect will be shown by means of an ideogram indicating the geomorphological mapping of day when light conditions are most advantageous so that a visit can be planned in advance.


The legend geomorphological mapping the paper map for non-specialists fig. Since we are dealing with the same map, the description will be the same as in the paper map for specialists described previously.

The vocabulary may be simplified in the case of very specific nomenclature. Agrandir Original png, k A box shows the area where geomorphosites are located. The map also shows the best observation points inside and outside the geomorphosite.

An ideogram shows the time of day when the light geomorphological mapping are best for an excellent geomorphological mapping.


Some variation of the methods here proposed may be necessary when aspects of a strictly scientific nature must be made compatible with touristic and popularisation needs. Examples of total integration of the mapping procedures paper map for specialists and paper map for non specialists are offered by the geomorphological mapping Geo-tourism maps published in Italy with the collaboration of local authority Castaldini et al.

Availability of these maps through this medium is important for the public Boards for Territorial Management, and also for the general public.

Digital geomorphosite mapping can introduce any user to territories geographically outside usual leisure geomorphological mapping. The digital medium would also be useful in an educational context for preparing thematic excursions selected on the basis of a set of queries.


It would be helpful also to Geomorphological mapping for the Promotion of Tourism, which could satisfy the demand for cultural excursion programmes in real time by selecting geomorphological mapping themes identified by users and providing an instant brochure of specific maps.

Digital geomorphosite mapping also has the obvious advantage of constant updating.

A further point not to be underestimated is the reduced cost of this geomorphological mapping of product compared with a paper map, which can be affected by distribution problems.