But in George Eliot's case—or Mary Anne Evans as she was born—her father had worked his way up from being an artisan to eventually becoming the land. George Eliot, pseudonym of Mary Ann, or Marian, Cross, née Evans, (born November 22, , Chilvers Coton, Warwickshire, England—died December 22, , London), English Victorian novelist who developed the method of psychological analysis characteristic of modern fiction. Mary Anne Evans (22 November – 22 December ; alternatively "Mary Ann" or "Marian"), known by her pen name George Eliot, was an English novelist, poet, journalist, translator, and one of the leading writers of the Victorian e works‎: ‎The Mill on the Floss‎ , ‎Si.


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This relationship was a source of criticism for both Lewes and Eliot as they never memorialized their union legally.

The Life of George Eliot by Nancy Henry - review | Books | The Guardian

Lewes encouraged Eliot george eliot biography continue writing fiction. People wanted to know about this George Eliot who writes with bitter and cunning intellect. Brabant became jealous of their intimacy, and, before the term of her visit, Evans was forced to leave.


Hennell felt that her father had acted ungenerously. Out of the humiliation of this episode George Eliot drew the horrible vividness of Mr.

George Eliot

Like those by Mrs. Bray and Sir Frederic Burtonall in the National Portrait Gallery, it shows her with light brown hair, gray-blue eyes, and a very fair complexion.

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Doubtless her feelings were strongly attracted to the magnetic Chapman, whose diary supplies this information, but there is no evidence that she was ever his mistress.

A few months later he bought The George eliot biography Review, and Evans, contrite at the domestic complications she had unwittingly caused, returned to London. For three years, untilshe served as subeditor of The Westminster, which under her influence enjoyed its most brilliant run since the days of John Stuart Mill.

Though he did not become her husband, he introduced her to the two men who did. George Eliot was born on 22 November in rural Warwickshire. When her mother died inEliot left school to help run her father's household.

Marian Evans Lewes admitted she was the author. The revelations about Eliot's private life surprised and shocked many of her admiring readers, but this did not affect her popularity as a novelist.

Eliot's relationship with Lewes afforded her the encouragement and stability she so badly needed to write fiction, and to ease her self-doubt, but it would be some time before they were accepted into polite society.

Acceptance was finally confirmed in when they were introduced to Princess Louisethe daughter of Queen Victoria. The queen herself was an avid reader of all of George Eliot's novels and was so impressed with Adam Bede that she commissioned the artist Edward Henry Corbould to paint scenes from the book.

Within a year of completing Adam Bede, she finished The Mill on the Flossgeorge eliot biography the manuscript: By this time Lewes's health was failing, and he died two years later, on 30 November Eliot spent the next two years editing Lewes's final work, Life and Mind, for publication, and she found solace and companionship with John Walter Crossa Scottish commission agent [19] george eliot biography mother had recently died.

Marriage to John Cross and death[ edit ] Eliot's grave in Highgate Cemetery On george eliot biography May Eliot courted controversy once more by marrying John Cross, a man twenty years her junior, and again changing her name, this time to Mary Anne Cross.

The legal marriage at least pleased her brother Isaac, who had broken off relations with george eliot biography when she had begun to live with Lewes, but now sent congratulations.

It is perhaps her least-read work, although recent critical attention has revealed its high value in at least one half of its plot, while raising still unanswered questions about its less successful half.

The novel contrasts and interweaves two stories.


One is a marriage for personal advantages by a young woman of sharp intelligence who discovers that she has given herself to a cheat. The other story is the discovery by a young British gentleman that he is of Jewish origin.

This inspires in him to dedicate and commit his george eliot biography to furthering the cause of the Jewish community to create a Zionist resettlement in Palestine.


The moral relationship of these widely different situations and characters is one of the chief interests of the author, but although her intention is clear, her book and its message is not. She died in George eliot biography on December 22,having gained the extreme respect and admiration from her peers and fellow novelists.

As he talks, Janet cannot see him but she can hear him.