Should ETS's GRE Big Book be the foundation of your test prep? Our GRE expert, Chris, gives his review of the 10th edition and Big Book. here we describe how you can use gre big book to prepare for IBA(BBA and MBA) admission. subscribe our. GRE Big Book. The most important GRE study material to get, if you can find it! Buy the "Big Book" NOW! Superb quality: ETS was in a good mood when they.


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If you need strategies or explanations, you gre big book have to look elsewhere. All of the tests in this book were given many years ago.

Is GRE Big Book still valid for GRE? - Quora

Like all the other tests that ETS creates, the GRE has evolved, and some of the question types that you will see in this book will not be on your tests. For example, the real GRE reading passages are actually pretty long four or five paragraphs even though some of the passages in the book are quite short one paragraph.

Gre big book the later, it has geared itself towards testing convoluted sentence structures and application of arcane vocabulary. Whereas on the quant, exacting question types such as word problems and data interpretation are prevalent. In short, I think you would waste a bit of time if you decide to study from the GRE big book by the ETS; if you are starved off great GRE content which I hope you are not then it makes some sense to consume it.

For those of you who are not aware, the big gre big book has 27 actual GRE tests from the old GRE pattern — therefore for many students preparing for the GRE, it is enticing to practice these timed tests. I would warn you to not be tempted by the plethora of tests big book has to offer. Big Book is just a collection of genuine test papers.


This book is not printed any more. ETS itself conducts and administers the GRE and consequently this book is the most reliable source for preparation.

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It does not contain tests which were prepared for mere practice but those which were actually administered in the test. There is no other such book available which contains the original gre big book. With such a large number of actual questions available in the Big Gre big book, there is seldom a need for any other practice material for the test.

Moreover when you have such a source at hand which contains the true tests then all other sources seem unauthentic.

GRE Big Book Words List

Gre big book Big Book consequently becomes a must for those who are appearing for the test. Many students claim to have benefited by using this book, to the extent that some of the questions were actually repeated in their test!

ETS carries out a number of researches before making any sort of change in their paper format, question type, difficulty level etc. It is not easy to change the question pattern for GRE; a lot of research goes into gre big book.


This means that a large portion of the Big Book still remains worthwhile.