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Reconstructing Lenin, four decades in the making and now available in English for the first time, is an hegel nauka logiki to do just that.

The essays place these thinkers in the contexts of both Western philosophy and Eastern Orthodoxy, presenting a substantially new perspective on Russian religious thought.

Catalog Record: Predavanja o estetiki. Dramska poezija | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The work of these four philosophers, this volume demonstrates, influenced virtually all aspects of twentieth-century Russian culture, and indeed, many aspects of Soviet culture as well, but also represents a rich philosophical tradition devoted to issues of divinity, community, and humanity that transcend national boundaries and historical eras.

The spirit is the transgression of isolated moments, their interpenetration and unity; but it is also the difference and dismemberment of itself into these moments. Thus, Hegel asserts the unity of the multifaceted and variable: Anticipation of this approach can be found in hegel nauka logiki teachings of Gottfried Leibniz on the pre-established harmony [21].

In music, such unity of multiple and various is presented in the fugues of Johann Sebastian Bach [22].

Philosophy of transgression: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Friedrich Nietzsche

But this task would not be carried out by the spirit. In doing so, Nietzsche goes beyond the boundaries of hegel nauka logiki philosophy of the New era, while Hegel overall remains true to the era, the conclusion and highest self-consciousness of which is his teaching.

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When reason commits a hegel nauka logiki with regards to itself, it still remains with itself: But the game is also a transgression, even though not absolute, but limited: With Nietzsche, transgression as the will to power is the movement of not the spirit, but life. At hegel nauka logiki point, we are approaching the issue of connection between transgression and otherness.

Catalog Record: Predavanja o estetiki. Dramska poezija | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Transgression as otherness There is no unambiguous answer to the question of whether Hegel in his teachings reached the true otherness or remains locked in the framework of his pan-logistic system.

There is a position according to which Hegel in thought hegel nauka logiki with that, which is absolutely other with regards to thought. Both representatives of the French neo-Hegelianism point out that Hegel approaches the other, the non-thought, and nonsense exclusively from the position of thought and meaning.

Existence of the spirit is not the absolute peace: Allowing the being to unravel in its dismemberment, the spirit faces the threat that this dismemberment will go too far — to a complete loss of unity and affirmation of absolute independence and isolation of the moments.

Such result would lead to the destruction of spirit.


Work of the spirit in history and state consists in counteraction of this excessive self-assertion of the moments and draw them back into the process of establishment of the spiritual totality: But the very fact of such struggle demonstrates that the threat of the absolute transgression is real, and that the spirit is constantly faced with the possibility of its own destruction and transition into the absolute other, out of which there is no return into oneness with itself in the otherness.

The spirit as the unity of itself and other is not a certain actual given, not a preset harmony, but represents a constantly renewing process — the process of struggle against the increase of the entropy of sense, with transition into endless hegel nauka logiki and total disruption of existence.

This means that the spirit in its nature is the will to power — a will to organize chaos. To be more precise, the spirit is a certain type of will to power, specifically the one that Nietzsche will later criticize as Socratic origin — the origin that establishes the total dominance of consciousness and reason.

Landman, Adam [WorldCat Identities]

Noting the points of intersection of the views of the two German philosophers, it is necessary to keep in mind their drastic differences. As was demonstrated above, return of the spirit into itself out of dismemberment and dissemination comprises a single direction of transgression.

A different direction is the transition hegel nauka logiki otherness.

The otherness does not represent something that is completely deprived of spirit or concept and ideabut represents the degree of oppositeness that the spirit can handle and get the upper hand. The spirit is present even in the maximal degree of self-alienation, hegel nauka logiki this presence is not evident to it.

That is the rise of reality deprived of essence wesenlose Wirklichkeit, geistlose Wirklichkeit.