Foundations of Sociometry, Group Psychotherapy and Sociodrama. New York Contribucio ́n a la historia del movimiento psicoanalitico en Espan ̃a. Revista de. As leituras públicas de Dickens entre permitiram a transgressão da história de Psicodrama em sociodrama dirigido por Dickens em torno da. socio drama se refiere a la profundización de temas previamente tratados, con el fin de concretar en situaciones reales las ideas, las.


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Interestingly, it was rather late on in the history of psychoanalysis that the call for a clearer definition of Freudian terms, whose precision was threatened by their wider and wider currency, was first heard.

The teaching offered before the Second World War at the Berlin and later at historia del sociodrama Vienna Institute of Psychoanalysis certainly helped show up the need for analysts in training to have to hand a work that, though not a manual, would furnish precise information on a still vigorously evolving body of theory.

The fact that Freud lent his support to the idea, coupled no doubt with the anxiety aroused by the defections and misapplications then plaguing the historia del sociodrama discipline of psychoanalysis, provided added impetus.

Thanks to Richard F. Inat the suggestion of A. Storfer actually began this work with the definition of a few terms beginning with the letter A, but he found the task too time consuming.

He asked me to continue the work with him, to which I agreed. It was a project for which my experience in andworking on the index of the Gesammelte Schriften von Sigmund Freud Collected Historia del sociodrama of Sigmund Freud was an enormous help.

Soon, however, Storfer lost interest in or courage for the enormous project and dropped historia del sociodrama of our partnership. As ransom for dissolving the partnership, he gave me the index galleys and typescript pages and all of the eleven volumes of the Gesamtausgabe.

I carried on the work alone.


The preface to the first issue was the facsimile of a letter Freud wrote to me. After a short while I received this letter from Freud, which I quote here in English translation: The historia del sociodrama and correctness of the individual entries is in fact of commendable excellence.

English and French translations of historia del sociodrama headings are not indispensable but would add further to the value of the work.


I do not overlook the fact that the path from the letter A to the end of the alphabet is a very long one, and that to follow it would mean an enormous burden of work for you. Important works falling under this general rubric are the Glossary of Psycho-Analytical Terms published under the editorship of Ernest Jones ina harbinger of the Standard Edition; the lists generated by the French Commission Linguistique pour le Vocabulaire Pschanalytique in ; or the New German-English Psycho- Analytical Vocabulary of Later French dictionaries of psychoanalysis were also intentionally circumscribed in one way or another.

Larousse, is a case in point. Some works pointed up the theoretical contributions historia del sociodrama Jacques Lacan, such as the Dictionnaire de la psychanalyse edited by Roland Chemama and Bernard Vandermersche Paris: Bordas, is presented as a psychoanalytic encyclopedia rather than a dictionary, which would presumably be more condensed.

Antonina Garcia (Author of Sociodrama)

In fact, despite the inclusion of a few biographical sketches, very brief, and historia del sociodrama to the main figures in the history of psychoanalysis, the work does not display the diversity and world-wide scope what we have pursued in our own dictionary. Nor does it deal with the principal concepts developed on the basis of practices derived from or collateral to psychoanalysis, such as those of Jungian analytical psychology.

Outside France, noteworthy titles—among many others which we have made no attempt to inventory here—include A Dictionary of Kleinian Thought by Robert K. Routledge,the first restricted to Kleinians, the second to members of the Vienna Society between andand the third to the thought of Jacques Lacan.

Historia del sociodrama recently, in the United States, Burness E. Moore and Bernard D.


Fine have edited Psychoanalysis: The Major Concepts New Haven: Yale University Press,which elaborates in a distinctly encyclopedic manner on some forty historia del sociodrama psychoanalytic themes.

It is the only work that presents not just some nine hundred concepts or ideas, but also three hundred and sixty biographies of eminent psychoanalysts from around the world, one hundred and seventy of their most noted works, and fifty countries where psychoanalysis has taken root; more than a hundred entries deal with events that have punctuated the history of psychoanalysis in its multifarious lines of development; the institutions that have embodied that development are likewise described in detail, as are the contributions of historia del sociodrama, such as analytical psychology and individual psychology, which stemmed from psychoanalysis.

A chronological approach was a guiding principle, and even if it could not be followed in every single entry, our contributors were urged to hew fast to a historical perspective. Only thus can theoretical choices be relativized so that they lose their rigidly fixed character and reveal themselves to be variable according to time and place.

By offering a dais to a large number of psychoanalysts of different theoretical and practical persuasions, moreover, we hoped to arrive at a kind of overall picture that was contradictory precisely because it was alive—a candid shot, as it were, of psychoanalysis today, complete with the more or less conflict-prone schools in the context of which it has developed up to now and, it is to be hoped, will continue to evolve in the future.