On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we share the story of Edith Fox, I'm afraid people are forgetting. We can never forget what. The Museum's Behind Every Name a Story project gives voice to the experiences of survivors during the Holocaust. If you're a survivor or a relative of a survivor. Born in a concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Austria, Eva Clarke and her mother survived the horrors of the Holocaust.


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Tales from Auschwitz: survivor stories | World news | The Guardian

The two instantly became fond of each other and planned to marry. Marie makes it to Bulgaria with Mitko, holocaust stories he finds a corrupt lawyer who might be able to make her stay in the country legal.

The papers wouldn't cost anything, if you take my meaning? Mitko, a naive but decent character, was indignant at this improper suggestion. Mitko stayed behind with family, weary from weeks of going to great lengths to protect Marie and himself.

That night, with nowhere to stay and in need of a bathroom "for the full works," she relieves herself on the doormat of a family with a "Nazi ring" to its name.

A Holocaust survivor tells her story

Marie and her husband Heinrich Simon insoon after their wedding Courtesy of Hermann Simon Marie's holocaust stories, suspenseful story captures the gloom and anxiety of being alone in wartime Berlin and the struggle to survive on her own.

Her will and wit echo the determination and optimism of other accounts of the Holocaust, like those of diarists Viktor Frankl and Anne Frank. But the scenes of sexual commerce and gender politics illuminate an untold reality of surviving as a Jewish woman in the Berlin underground.

Marie relays these stories, in which sex is a means of staying alive, a transaction, with evenhandedness, with a sense that it was all worth it. It's not just holocaust stories who help her.

One friend introduces her to Gerritt Burgers, a "crazy Dutchman" who brought Marie to his apartment and tells his landlady, a Nazi supporter named Frau Blase, holocaust stories "he had found a woman who was coming to holocaust stories with him at once. I would keep house for him, and he said I was also ready to lend Frau Blase a hand at any time.

My mother and the younger children were sent off to one side and my father and year-old brother to the other side.

I held tightly on to the holocaust stories of my year-old sister and for an instant I was mistaken for being older than I was, probably because I was wearing a headscarf that my mother had given me. My sister was sent with my mother, while I went to the opposite side.

That was the first chance I had holocaust stories survive.

Survivor Stories | Holocaust Survivors Friendship Association

Unbeknown to any of us at the time, two Nazi soldiers had been asked to make a photographic document of the deportation of Holocaust stories Jews from the moment they got off the train — through the entire system of arriving, going to the bath house and getting their prison clothes — so I ended up in a picture at the very moment I was separated from my sister.

Another picture we discovered shows my family waiting in line for the gas chamber. Two little boys, holocaust stories brothers Reuven and Gershon, are shown dressed in hats, one struggling to put on his winter coat.


For a long time I failed to find my mother and was very unhappy. But I spent hours looking at these photos with a magnifying glass and one day I found her little face holocaust stories out.

The pictures only came to light 25 years ago and, despite them showing moments from around 45 years before that, they completely captured the entire holocaust stories as it had been in my mind all that time.


I was dumbfounded and devastated, having had no idea they existed, and I have spent literally hundreds of hours scouring them, trying to find my father and brother. The pictures have reassured me that I was not imagining it all, as I sometimes thought I holocaust stories have done.

The reality of where we were, struck home fairly quickly. I was stationed near crematorium number four, and we witnessed the columns of unsuspecting women and children entering the gate of the crematorium; they would have been dead within half an hour.

When the Hungarian Jews arrived they had the gas chambers going day and night. How can you wrap your imagination round that?

I was with my older sister Serena and we were sent to be forced labourers holocaust stories in the Birkenau section of Auschwitz.