Immigrants and their children comprise nearly three-fifths of New York City's Inheriting the City confronts these fears with evidence, reporting the results of a. Inheriting the City: The Children of Immigrants Come of of Age: Philip Kasinitz, John H. Mollenkopf, Mary C. Waters, and Jennifer. Book Review Essay: Inheriting. Kasinitz, Phillip, John H Mollenkopf, Mary C Waters, and Jennifer Holdaway. Inheriting the City: The Children of Immigrants Come of Age.


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Inheriting the City Award Statement | American Sociological Association

The children of immigrants report experiencing prejudice and discrimination, and as with African Americans, West Indians are more likely than other immigrants to report having faced discrimination. The authors conclude with a consideration of the support their results provide inheriting the city a pattern of selective acculturation among recent immigrants, in contrast to the relative absence of acculturation in the European context.

Almost all the young people studied spoke English well and maintained limited transnational ties in the form of remittances, compared with their parents.

His previous books include Caribbean New York: Ethnographies of the Second Generation, which he edited with Mollenkopf and Waters. He has written or edited thirteen books on urban politics, urban policy, inheriting the city, and New York City.

Waters is the M.

They wanted to create an accurate picture as possible of how, and if, these generations inheriting the city immigrants were assimilating to the United States and what this assimilation looked like. The authors chose New York City due to its diverse population of people and due to the fact that several ethnic groups were robustly represented throughout the city.

However, one of the issues related to this diversity is that the authors could not focus on every ethnic group represented within New York City but instead they decided to focus on only a few select ethnic groups.


These included the Generation 1. This allowed them to compare the immigrant groups against a native control group to see if the Generation 1. They also compared the Generation 1.


The authors provide the readers with detailed statics, charts, graphics, and information on every facet of over 3, 18 to 32 year old New Yorkers between and They did this through telephone interviews and then through face-to-face interviews with of those telephoned. Inheriting the City provides an almost overwhelming amount of data and information inheriting the city these groups of people.

Inheriting the City: The Children of Immigrants Come of Age

Inheriting the City shows the children of immigrants can often take advantage of policies and programs that were designed for native-born minorities in the wake of the civil rights era.

Indeed, the ability to choose elements from both immigrant and native-born cultures has produced, the authors argue, a second-generation advantage that catalyzes both upward mobility and an evolution of mainstream American culture.

Inheriting the City leads the chorus of recent research indicating that we need not fear an immigrant underclass. Although racial discrimination inheriting the city economic exclusion persist to inheriting the city degrees across all the groups studied, this absorbing book shows that the new generation is also beginning to ease the intransigence of U.