In this article I will try to give you a high level overview of the new features in Microsoft ISA Server ISA Server Migrating to Forefront Threat Management Gateway. Sometime this summer, Microsoft plans to roll out Service Pack 1 for its Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server product, according.


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SP1 will have four new features for system administrators to help them manage and test a company's Internet access security. Isa server 2006 helps users see if a problem resulted from a server management or script change.

  • ISA Server SP1 Planned for This Summer --
  • How to migrate Microsoft ISA Server to Microsoft Forefront TMG
  • What is the ISA Firewall?
  • ISA Server 2006 Overview
  • How to migrate Microsoft ISA Server 2006 to Microsoft Forefront TMG
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The Microsoft Download Manager solves these potential problems. It isa server 2006 you the ability to download multiple files at one time and download large files quickly and reliably. It also allows you to suspend active downloads and resume downloads that have failed.

Microsoft Download Manager is free and available for download now. Report configuration settings are not migrated.

Explaining ISA Server 2006 Web Server load balancing

One or more additional network adapters are needed for full Firewall functionality More considerations There are some isa server 2006 considerations when you plan to use Forefront TMG.

For a following Forefront TMG installation note the following: This mechanism allows IPv6 packets to be transmitted over an IPv4 network.


Changing the Forefront TMG installation isa server 2006 is not supported. There are a number of options available to provide branch office connectivity to the main office, these include: These options can be prohibitively expensive and organizations who are interested in cost-control prefer to use corporate managed site to site VPN connections between corporate managed VPN gateways.

A VPN isa server 2006 allows you to connect your main office to all of your branch offices over inexpensive Internet connections and do so in a secure fashion.


Each ISA firewall and security gateway, isa server 2006 the branch offices and the main office, enforce strong stateful packet and application layer inspection over the information moving over the site to site VPN links. In addition, all connections made by branch office users is logged and recorded so that you have a comprehensive history of what users at the branch offices have been doing with main office resources.

ISA Server represented a major revamp of the Microsoft Proxy Server product and transformed it from a simple proxy isa server 2006 to a full featured network firewall and application layer security gateway.

Explaining ISA Server Web Server load balancing

Another major reconstruction of the ISA firewall product line took place, with over improvements and changes, with the introduction of the ISA firewall. Table 1 provides some details of these improvements. This new feature enables you to publish a collection of Web servers that perform the same function or contain the same content and have the ISA firewall automatically load balance the connections.

ISA Server is about to do this without requiring NLB or an hardware load balancer, with great increases the simplicity of deployment and greatly reduces isa server 2006 cost by removing the hardware load balancer Branch office security gateway ISA includes a number of new and improved features that makes it the ideal selection for a branch office security gateway.

What is the ISA 2006 Firewall?

HTTP compression of the link connecting the branch office to the main office Diffserv Quality of Service QoS enables the ISA firewall to participate in Diffserv service groups and provide preferential treatment to connections to isa server 2006 critical servers BITS caching reduces the cost and the load on links connecting the main office to the branch office by reducing the number of requests required for Microsoft updates The new site to site VPN wizard makes it easy for a non-technical user to provision a branch office ISA firewall with the help of an answer file created by the main office ISA firewall administrator Worm and flood protection ISA included a basic worm and flood protection feature that prevented the ISA firewall and ISA firewall protected networks from being compromised by worm flood attacks.

The ISA firewall builds on this flood protection and increases the level of security against network flooding by adding many new configurable worm flood protection settings.

The new Web Server Farm Firewall policy rule If you open the web server publishing rule, you will find a new tab called Web Farm which is a new tab when you publish a web server farm. In this tab it is possible to change the configuration of the web server farm. Web Server Farm connection properties Navigate to the Servers tab and again click Edit to change the server properties or to place one Server manually into maintenance mode if you select the Drain button.

For session based affinity, the server will continue to handle current sessions but will not accept new connections.