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Vizualni Jezik i Likovna Umjetnost - Jadranka Damjanov

The key for the whole education is in the happening of the artwork, for education as education of attention. Only such education which is really in itself jadranka damjanov exploration realizes that -- it opens the perception and makes conscious the sensuous.


jadranka damjanov She would always welcome something new and different, ready to draw out a sensible conclusion out of it.

I have treasured those precious moments and they have become a permanent and the most important part of my personal world.


Being warm and able to motivate and embrace the field of all possibilities Dubravka has given me jadranka damjanov permission' to live my difficult moments with dignity. All the books, movies, TM technique, gestalt, Maja Beck, Dvorzak, Jadranka Damjanov and many others have paved my life path thanks to my dearest teacher Dubravka Janda.

Art is mystical but accessible. It is here and everywhere.

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The image of an overloaded market basket, all richness is in the school. The art cabinet jadranka damjanov is available on Saturdays, we could enter it easily.

jadranka damjanov What a joy watching the slides alone or lead interesting discussions. Out of our teenage phenomena there exists a world one could talk to and talk about.

Jadranka Damjanov

Alongside this, I can compare many other teachers, professors, lecturers. Her low and trembling voice sometimes she could hardly be heard was carrying the message like the trumpets of Jericho, you had to be deeply silent in your mind to hear what she was speaking about, and when it sinked in your head, it was like an earthquake.

Beside this, without any formal duty, already in the first year of grammar school, and prompted with deep questions with which I was obsessing her, Dubravka turned my attention to C. G Jadranka damjanov and his eastern sources, what completely changed my life, had put things in their place and gave meaning to my living.

The objectivity is always subjective.


Accentuating tolerance or multiculturalism is not necessary because all that is in its source. Art springs from the Transcendental, therefore from all-pervading peace and does not have to long for peace, it is peace in itself.

Methodology of Art History she teaches at the same faculty since till until From she are teaching also students jadranka damjanov pedagogical vocation of Art Academy.

Besides numerous articles she has published several High school handbooks about art appreciation and history of art one of the handbooks has so far had thirty two editions, one of is translated on several languages —Hungarian, Rumanian, Slovakian, Russinian.

There are two jadranka damjanov for teachers and an art lexicon for pupils.