La Mejora campesina y la agricultura orgánica. Author, Jairo Restrepo Rivera. Published, Length, 28 pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan. Authors, Jairo Restrepo Rivera, Sebastiao Pinheiro. Publisher, Impresora Feriva, ISBN, , Length, pages. Export Citation. A course led by Jairo Restrepo in introduced us to a new philosophy .. Jairo Restrepo Rivera has published 40 scientific papers and


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Jairo Restrepo Rivera (Author of Cromatografia)

We use farming practices that regenerate the land, using permaculture as a guiding design principle. Jairo restrepo rivera the three main enterprises at the farm — Ragmans Lane Farm, the Willow Bank and Ragmans Market Garden, we provide employment for about 8 people.

Ragmans Lane Farm has eight acres of organic apples and we make our own brand of apple juice. We also host jairo restrepo rivera series of courses throughout the year on land related issues.

A course led by Jairo Restrepo in introduced us to a new philosophy of system health, based on building healthy soils. This had a profound effect on the farm, and led us to set up a jairo restrepo rivera time research post to develop these principles for temperate climate agriculture.

Our research manager, Juanfran Lopez, is half way into a three year programme and this blog jairo restrepo rivera predominantly about his work here at Ragmans. Our research goal is to gain expertise in making soil amendment preparations.

We will then measure the effectiveness of these biological techniques on system biology and mineral balance on plant-soil health and growth. Over the last twelve months we have put in place a series of soil and plant tests and taken baseline data.

We are testing for pH, salinity, conductivity, a wide range of trace elements and also available nitrogen.

In addition to this, we are developing a high quality range of preparations and techniques such as biofertilisers, jairo restrepo rivera teas, mineral chelations, mychorriza, chromatography, lactic acid bacteria, and native microorganism reproduction among other methods….

The objective of this practice is to reproduce the local microbiology, as bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, algae and protozoa working in a complete harmony in a healthy environmental system forest, farm or even animal and human system.

An example of how we can work through these preparations can be seen jairo restrepo rivera Ragmans currently.

Our Approach to Soil Fertility and System Health ~ by Matt Dunwell

We have in the past sampled our soils and found them lacking in jairo restrepo rivera trace elements. A conversation with any good soil lab will furnish you with the trace elements needed, normally in the form of salts — magnesium sulphate etc.

These are supplied and put out onto the land with a spreader. The addition of trace elements in this way can be ineffective as both the soil and plant are looking for elements in a bioactive form — ie easily digestible.

For this reason sometimes the addition of trace elements can be disruptive and almost always there is waste. When we make biofertiliser on the farm we build a biologically active system using fresh cow manure that has the gut flora and fauna of a ruminant.

To this we add various ingredients — including molasses, yeast, native microbes from the forest soil.

A ferment takes place into which we can place trace elements in minute quantities over a period of three or four months. These minerals are cycled through countless generations of microbes becoming more and more biologically available.

When the preparation is ready we spray onto the leaves and soil thereby feeding the system through the plants that in turn will feed soil microbes with jairo restrepo rivera micro nutrients.

This is a basic example of our approach as taught by Jairo Restrepo. We are only beginning to understand the potential of natural agriculture, and there is very little knowledge at all of this work in temperate systems.


We are also running a six day course with Jairo at Ragmans from June 29th to July 4th Ragmans Farm Aerobic or Anaerobic? What is the right choice If we have jairo restrepo rivera choose between digging a trench or making a swale?


I can think a set of possible answers straight away