Again, I am just kind of messing around with my saxophone. 12 step article breaks down jazz improvisation using concepts from the great jazz Try and figure out if the trumpet is playing the melody or if the sax is playing. Go to for more FREE Jerry Bergonzi Videos! This was an excerpt from Jerry.


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Maybe slur it into the consonant note?

Get a feel for using a variety of techniques that sound jazz improvisation saxophone to you. That is the ultimate goal here. Always insist on your ear guiding you.

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Music happens in the aural jazz improvisation saxophone, not on paper or in the intellect although we use our eyes and brain in the learning process. This should keep you busy for awhile.

Beginner’s Guide To Improv – Part 1

It's up to you. And, oh yeah, I almost forgot: You'll want to do this in the other 11 keys.

Out there in the real world, this sequence of chords occurs in any and all of the jazz improvisation saxophone keys. The concepts are all the same, but each key will have it's own unique feel on your instrument.

Beginner’s Guide To Improv – Part 1 | Play Jazz Now

I guarantee you that each key will get successively easier because you are training your ear as you do this. The truth is no one deserves a teacher like Rick-you can only hope to get really lucky to find a teacher this good. He has a completely unique system for teaching you how to play the saxophone regardless of whatever level you happen to be at from beginner, intermediate to advanced.

Rick turns years into months in terms of how fast his system can improve your playing ability. Work on your tone and technique for warm ups First lessons will concentrate on this jazz improvisation saxophone as the student develops, we will spend only 5 minutes on warm up exercises.

Carpenters use inches, musicians use intervals. Let's keep the two notes you've been playing for awhile.

Starting Jazz Improvisation on Saxophone - Music: Practice & Theory Stack Exchange

But now we're going to have you pick a couple of new notes that are a half step away above or below each of your two safe notes. I'll give the list in a moment.

The new pitches will be "unsafe" - if you play them by themselves they will sound sour ie dissonant in relation to the chords underneath. That's why we're going to jazz improvisation saxophone them WITH the "safe" notes they're right next to.

We're going to use the dissonant jazz improvisation saxophone to embellish, to create some tension, to add a little chili powder into the musical stew. Here's the list of unfriendly notes that relate to our original nice set of notes: Play each choice against each chord change - yes, they will sound wrong, each in their own delightful way.

Sax on the Web Forum > Jazz saxophone

When you've made your choices start to work on combining the new notes with their partners. The idea here is to create some tension and release.


Use the sour notes judiciously; think of them as a way to approach or decorate jazz improvisation saxophone consonant notes. Sharing of copied DVDs or ripped files is illegal.

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