'El anillo' in and 'La reina oculta' in , winner of theAlfonso X el Sabio prize for historical novel, both achieved huge popular success. In he left his. Read El anillo: La herencia del ultimo templario (Novela Historica) book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery Jorge Molist (Author). Buy El Anillo by Jorge Molist (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.


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She wears them both - unaware that they are mysteriously incompatible. The ruby gives her jorge molist el anillo and terrible dreams, sweeping her away to Spain where she reunites with her cousin Oriol, and a powerful attraction is rekindled between them.

El anillo: La herencia del ultimo templario (Novela Historica) |

Together, jorge molist el anillo set out on an odyssey to search for a Templar treasure that only they can discover. Reviews 3 Booklist Review First off, it should be noted that this novel has nothing to do with the American horror movie The Ring.

This Ring, which first appeared in Spain inconcerns a Barcelona-born woman, currently living in New York, jorge molist el anillo receives an odd gift: Even more odd, the gift comes from her godfather, who died many years ago. Returning to Spain, the woman hooks up with her cousin Oriol, with whom she once shared a romantic attraction, and together they pursue the mystery of the ring, with startling results without giving too much away, let's say that the Knights Templar, and a long-lost treasure, figure prominently in the ring's history.

It's an appealing novel, combining historical and contemporary stories, with a likable protagonist; unfortunately, the flow of the story is often interrupted by the clunkiness of the translation, which frequently renders the author's prose in a darker shade of purple than one hopes he intended.


Still, readers intrigued by the Knights Templar will be amply rewarded, if they can concentrate on the story and not the style.

The arrival of Enric's ring sets in motion a chain of events strange dreams among them jorge molist el anillo sends Cristina to Barcelona for the reading of Enric's secret will.

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In Spain, Cristina is reunited with old flame Oriol, whom Cristina partners up with after reading a letter from Enric that tells her to "[f]ind that treasure that I couldn't find. Jorge molist el anillo the passages describing Barcelona are well done, the narrative's hobbled by weak prose exclamation points are much abusedcharacters that act as pawns of the plot and improbable twists.

There are much stronger contenders in the Templar subgenre.


All rights reserved Kirkus Review Barcelona's Molist, head of the European Branch of Paramount Home Entertainment, combines the history of the Templar Knights with chick lit in a thriller that offers an insider's view of the beautiful Spanish city, but ultimately turns out more snooze than thrill.

Cristina, born in Barcelona of a Spanish mother and American father, spent the most memorable days of her youth in Spain with her buddies Luis and Oriol, playing treasure-hunting games conjured up by Oriol's father, Enric.

But when she moved to the United States as a teen, Cristina lost jorge molist el anillo with her friends. Years after Enric's suicide, Cristina receives a mysterious ring, as well as a summons to a "second" reading of Enric's will.

She goes to Barcelona over the objections of her mother and the man she is engaged to marry. When she arrives, Cristina teams once again with her friends to find a treasure rumored to belong to the Templar Knights with postmortem clues courtesy of Enric.

Although her mother warns against it, Cristina soon moves from her hotel into the home of Oriol's mother, the oddly menacing lesbian Alicia. Meanwhile, Cristina also runs into the handsome man she met aboard her flight from New York, with whom she feels compelled to flirt even after discovering he may jorge molist el anillo be all he appears.

Shadowed by an oddly fierce and menacing stranger, Cristina suffers through vivid nightmares rooted in a violent and unknown past. She tries to decipher the dreams, as well as Oriol's sexual leanings and feelings for her.

Authors - J | New Spanish Books JP

As the three old friends draw closer to the truth about the treasure, Cristina grows to understand Oriol and his obsession with finding it. Molist's book is crammed with pages of tediously jorge molist el anillo history, seen through the eyes of one of the characters.

Although an attorney, Cristina's conversations and judgment are more what one would expect of a year-old, and the plot is neither intricate nor clever.

Peppered with irrelevant detail and dialogue documenting every dull moment of Cristina's quest, the book fails to incite reader interest or empathy.

Excerpts Excerpts Chapter 1 It's not often that a woman receives two engagement rings in one day.

That's what made my twenty-seventh birthday so special. The first ring jorge molist el anillo a stunning diamond solitaire from Mike, the man I'd been going out with for over a year.

Mike's the perfect guy, the kind every girl dreams of.

El Anillo, La Herencia Del Ultimo Templario

Or at least should be dreaming of, and if she's not, her mom definitely is. Any mother would be thrilled to marry her daughter off to someone like Mike. He's not just a stockbroker, but also the jorge molist el anillo of the company's owner, with a future beyond promising.