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La Châtelaine de Vergy Flashcards by Ella Fornsworth | Brainscape

It is likely enough to be true that he cherished this hope, for we have never heard that la chatelaine de vergy loves elsewhere. I entreat you in guerdon, to look well to your own honour, since this, as you know, is your duty and right.

He could neither sleep nor rest, by reason of that lord, his friend, la chatelaine de vergy, he was persuaded, had done him such bitter wrong as justly to have forfeited his love.

Because of this he kept vigil the whole night through.

The Deadly Secrets of the Heart: The Chastelaine de Vergy and the Castelain de Couci

He rose very early on the morrow, and bade him come whom his wife had put to blame, although he had done nothing blameworthy. Then he took him to task, man to man, when there were but these two together.

You have deceived me the more, for I have long believed you la chatelaine de vergy be a man of good faith, giving loyalty, at least, to me, in return for the love I have given to you. You are guilty of such treachery that conduct more vile it would be far to seek.


la chatelaine de vergy Get you hence from my realm. You have my leave to part, and it is denied to you for ever. It you return here it la chatelaine de vergy be at your utmost peril, for I warn you beforehand that if I lay hands upon you, you will die a shameful death.

He called to mind his friend, of whom he would have no joy, if he might not come and go and sojourn in that realm from which the Duke had banished him.


Moreover he was sick at heart that his lord should deem him a disloyal traitor, without just cause. He knew such sore discomfort that he held himself as dead and betrayed.


To do that of which you wrongfully charge me, has never entered my mind, not one day, nor for one single hour. Who has told you this lie has wrought a great ill.

I have heard from her own lips the very guise and fashion in which you prayed and required her love, like the envious traitor that you are. Many another word it may well be that you spoke, as to which the lady of her courtesy keeps silence. Naught is there for me to say; la chatelaine de vergy is left for me la chatelaine de vergy do, so that I may be believed that this adventure never happened.

He feared only lest he should be driven from the land where lodged the dame who was the closest to his mind. Thus he pledged his faith, and the Duke accepted his affiance.

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When this was done the Duke made question. I would not credit it a la chatelaine de vergy, if you yourself were not the cause of my doubtfulness.

From your face, the care you bestow upon your person, and a score of trifles, any who would know, can strictly see that you are in love with some lady.


Since none about the Court perceives damsel or dame on whom you have set your heart, I ask myself whether indeed it may not be my wife, who tells me that you have entreated her for love.

Nothing that any one may do can take this suspicion from my mind, except you tell me yourself that you love elsewhere, making it so plain that I am left without doubt that I know the naked truth.

If you refuse her name you will have broken your oath, and forth from my realm you go as an outlawed man. la chatelaine de vergy

La Châtelaine de Vergy by Anonymous | LibraryThing

To himself he seemed to stand at the parting of two ways, both one and the other leading to death. If he spoke the simple truth and tell he la chatelaine de vergy if he would not be a la chatelaine de vergy then was he as good as dead; for if he did such wrong as to sin against the covenant with his lady and his friend, certainly he would lose her love, so it came to her knowledge.


But if he concealed the truth from the Duke, then he was false to his oath, la chatelaine de vergy had lost both country and friend. But little he recked of country, so only he might keep his Love, since of all his riches she was the most dear.

La Châtelaine de Vergy Flashcards Preview

The knight called to heart and remembrance the fair joy and the solace that were his when he had this lady between his arms.

He considered within himself that if by reason of his misdoing she came to harm, or were lost to him, since he might not take her where he went, how could he live without her. It would be with him also, as erst with the Castellan of Couci, who having his Love fast la chatelaine de vergy in his heart, told over in his song, Ah, God, strong Love, I sit and weep alone, Remembering the solace that was given; The tender guise, the semblance that was shown By her, my friend, my comrade, and my Heaven.