Caravaca de La Cruz is considered to be one of the five holy cities in the world, and a key destination for pilgrims and travellers alike who are looking for an. Gift a Caravaca Cross pendant or necklace - meaning good fortune and protection. History Of Caravaca De La Cruz - Murcia Today, Keep up with the Latest News including what's On, Where to Go and Where to Eat In Costa Calida Spain.


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Their long presence has closely tied the Cross with the Order of Santiago. The subsequent ritual development and relevant events have taken place during their custody.


The Cross of Santiago badge appears everywhere in the city. Official acknowledgement of the Caravaca Cross by the Catholic Church Ever since the early times, there was an official acknowledgment from the Catholic Church towards la cruz de caravaca Caravaca Cross. So it appears on various papal bulls and documents by which privileges and indulgences were granted to pilgrims who visit the Chapel of the True Cross to worship the Relic.

Several Popes have granted indulgences to the Cross, as stated on writings and bulls that are kept in the archive of the Royal Chapel of the Sanctuary.

The Cross of Caravaca

We can mention, among others, the bull of Pope Clement VIIan interesting document since it was granted by a Pope in Avignon France during the Western Schism when the Christian world was divided in two because of the existence of two Popes: In Latria was granted to the Cross, a cult reserved only to God.

It came to be more closely related to the Caravaca Cross, with a very distinctive nature. Since the Medieval Age it is known by this specific name: The True Cross of Caravaca, namely, the real Cross. Each summer Professor Walker leads teams carrying out further excavations at the siteand each year more revelations come la cruz de caravaca light.


The archaeological museum in Caravaca has an excellent collection of prehistoric implements from these sites, as well as an la cruz de caravaca to follow timeline display showing the various sites in the area. The Argaric culture was also present in Caravaca, in the form of the settlement at La Placica which dates from between and BC, and this is thought to have been the first settlement on the site where the city of Caravaca now stands.

Caravaca de la Cruz : Official Murcia Region tourist site

In addition, in it was announced that archaeologists at the Camino del Molino site in Caravaca had found the largest prehistoric ground la cruz de caravaca Spain, containing the remains of at least 1, people who had been laid to rest there between and BC.

The evidence points to practically all of those residents of the community, which numbered between 60 and 70 people, having been buried there over a period of years, and domesticated dogs were also found.

This culture was technologically more advanced and is renowned for its ceramics and metallurgy, and an important piece known as the Centauro de los Royos, which is now in the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid, was found in the settlement of Villaricos, where there are also the remains of houses, household items and burial grounds.

Here images have been found of horses, offerings, warriors and female figures, all of them of great importance to archaeologists. Once again these temples were built on the site of Iberian remains, and not far away the quarries from which the stones for the temples were taken have been found.

La Cruz de Caravaca - Picture of Caravaca de la Cruz, Caravaca de la Cruz - TripAdvisor

The water became fresh and as a result, the Christians were able to resist the enemy. Today, an annual fiesta is held in the town to remember those events, which includes a ceremony to bless the irrigation water used by Caravaca farmers. Before offering and sprucing women to young men and horses richly embroidered robes and bouquets of flowers, considering, in this way, heroes and saviors of the la cruz de caravaca.

Since the Middle Ages, in more or less splendor, according to the times, the anniversary has been held annually. The La cruz de caravaca takes place during the morning of each Dos de Mayo, the eve of the Feast of the Cross, when Caravaca becomes the capital of joy, beauty and festive participation.

La Cruz de Caravaca - Picture of Caravaca de la Cruz, Caravaca de la Cruz

Wine Horses begin at dawn with the washing and harnessing the horse, in over forty different locations in the city. Few spectators, most linked to the rocks la cruz de caravaca family have the privilege to attend the ceremony.


In the early morning light group formed by the horse and four horsesis preparing to recognize the streets within hours of the show will be the scenario. Fast runs and solemn presences begin to get followers who have not given up the rock around the passage of celebration.

Entertainment[ edit ] Thuiller Theatre, built in on the old "Court of Comedy". Besides this theater, the Culture La cruz de caravaca and the cultural center built in the Church of the Society of Jesus are the places where cultural activity centers, film and artistic community.