Or you might even have trouble finding a teacher with whom you work well, or who can teach you the kind of flute playing you want to learn. Whichever way you. This is a great book for learning to play the flute. It has complete and detailed instructions for the beginner and really helped me get started. Within a week of. Or you might even have trouble finding a teacher with whom you work well, or who can teach you the kind of flute playing you want to learn. Whichever way you.


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As before, do not grip the keys while doing this.


Holding the flute Paying close attention to the position of your thumb, make sure that the inside of the first joint of your left index finger is stays in contact with the flute, and hold the flute with your fingers in their respective positions.

Lifting the flute to play When holding the flute up to play, your shoulders and elbows should be relaxed. The whole world learn to play flute your teacher. All you have to do is coax it a little.

3 Easy Ways to Play the Flute - wikiHow

There seem to be two ways of approaching the flute. One is in the spirit of domination: Loving your flute means being aware that you and the instrument are coproducers of the music, partners in the creation of sound.

If you attempt to subjugate the instrument, it will fight you at every step; if you respect and work with it, you will find it responding willingly and demonstratively. Learn to play flute this relationship deepens, you and the flute can begin to grow together learn to play flute gradually become, in effect, one instrument.

Flute Basics

One of your major aims should be to develop a sensitivity toward the flute and its interrelationships with you, the player. Untwist your torso The flute is an asymmetrical instrument to play. Doing an unnatural pose, on repeat, while being tense, is a recipe for long term injury.

Just ask professional musicians, office workers, and athletes who have developed repetitive strain injuries! This is why it is super important to keep as much tension out of our bodies as possible when learn to play flute play.

"Is The Flute Hard to Play?"

So, back to the flute. When you lift your flute up to play, your right shoulder and arm will move back, naturally. This has the effect of twisting your torso. So how to untwist your torso?

learn to play flute

Easy… Keep your flute and shoulders where they are, and do one of these three things: Take a small step back with your right foot, opening up your body to the right a little. No more twisted torso, no more squished shoulders. These are the yellow pads under the keys I'm talking about: See section 3 above Learn to play flute from looking after your flute, what else can you do to ensure that it mechanically works perfectly?

A flute in good mechanical condition is exactly what a beginner needs to learn on.


Over time, the mechanisms of flutes wear out, and go out of whack. If the flute is second hand, you have no way of knowing just how out of alignment that flute is.

Flute Lessons - How to Play Flute

It's a smart way to learn. Because you actually learn, as opposed to being overwhelmed! Yay for good learning, I say.

So, your first notes on the flute: Your first note D You already know how to hold the flute, and where to put your fingers from section 4 above. My goal is to be the best flute player that I can possibly be! It has been a fun and great experience to learn my learn to play flute lessons from you - be proud that I am learning all my basics from you.

There are advantages to both ways.