Lima Sekawan has ratings and 4 reviews. On holiday in Wales, the Five are fascinated by an old local story about the Dark People who were said to liv. Lima Sekawan has 85 ratings and 1 review. Laura said: For a long time this was my favourite Famous Five book, it showed me the tension a book could have. Explore Dinnie Widiani Badar's board "Lima Sekawan - Famous Five by Enid Blyton Book Covers" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Enid blyton books, Book.


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Sarjana Misterius (Lima Sekawan, #11) by Enid Blyton (5 star ratings)

Here we see the children staying at their parents home for once, although not lima sekawan long. George and Timmy visit most days, of course, and then they are asked by a kindly old lady their mother knows if they will go and stay in her cottage with Wilfred, a young boy with a gift with animals.


It's presumed that they are traitors, and have fled the country to sell secrets. Lima sekawan EB wouldn't mention something like this lima sekawan it was relevant, we know they are going to have something to do with the Five's adventure. I had never noticed the Five paying attention to the newspapers at any other holiday.

Maybe they did but lima sekawan was not included in the book as lima sekawan was not relevant. Again the children go on a caravan holiday! Only this time they meet fair folk instead of circus folk!


lima sekawan OK, this setup does not feel very original after Five Go off in lima sekawan Caravan, and the adventure itself, with the castle, the secret passages and the kidnapped scientists is not the most original either.

On the other hand, the fair folk are colorful and delightful, easily the highlight of the book Jo's foster family is quite understanding, letting her go roaming the country on their own like that The fair folk are not so delightful in the beginning, though.

They are downright nasty to the children, quite the bullies, sneakily moving their caravans when they are away, sending them from person to person as they try to ask where they are, Bufflo the Whip Cracker taking some hairs from Julian's head with his whip I'm quite happy that we can have people being rude and unfriendly without necessarily meaning that they are criminals, however.

I thought for a moment that we might have an encore of Caravan, with some of the fair folk using lima sekawan abilities to steal.

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It turns out that their hostility had nothing to do with them wanting to hide any crimes, however, but they wanted to get rid of the children because some outsiders had cruelly freed the birds belonging to one of the lima sekawan folk, causing the animals to die and him to lose his means of making a living.

The amounts of food ingested by the Five is not as lima sekawan as in other books.

Di Pulau Seram (Lima Sekawan, #20) by Enid Blyton (5 star ratings)

I know they are blatant comic-relief, but I had to grin at the huge Alfredo the fire-eater and his tiny, lima sekawan wife. The pre-adventure part is quite long in this book, but it's very entertaining.

In that sense it differs from the lima sekawan Famous Five, who did not venture abroad. So, if you want more of the Famous Five you love, you probably won't find that here.


lima sekawan However, once you give up that notion, the story is readable and kind of entertaining. Not as good as the real thing, though, and no substitute for it.