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Zulies fire fighting team. She's been working as a wildfire fighter since she was llamaradas nora roberts, helping to control and put out forest fires across Western United States. She lost her partner the season before, and she's still haunted by the memory of his death.

Llamaradas - Nora Roberts - Google книги

However, despite the tragedy having been ruled an accident, someone's not satisfied with the resolution of the matter, and is taking it into his or her own hands. Along with Gulliver Curry, a rookie who's steadily working his way into her hitherto impenetrable heart, Rowan must fight fire on several fronts - from the wild, uncontrolled blaze of forest fire, to the llamaradas nora roberts, malicious spark that might be growing within her own team.

The suspense part of this story is fairly straight forward. If you're looking for a truly twisty murder mystery, this is not the book for you.

Al rojo vivo

It's obvious almost from the beginning who the rotten apple is, and in llamaradas nora roberts, the mystery sort of takes a backseat to the awesome battle between man and nature.

This book clings very tenuously to the title of 'romantic suspense'. It is more of a general fiction book, dealing with the lives of smoke jumpers.

The vivid descriptions of wildfire suppression are trademark Nora. You get drawn into the world of the smoke jumpers, a harsh, taxing life where one is always on the alert for the warning siren to llamaradas nora roberts where suppression means twelve-to-thirty hours stints in the middle of a wildfire.

The smoke jumpers take their lives in their hand every time they jump out of a place and face Mother Nature in all her glorious fury. The romance, too was trademark Nora, sweet and appealing, without getting sappy. A vapid moronic rich girl who is so desperate to have a llamaradas nora roberts problem that she risks being shot at repeatedly, stalked, and the imitate threat of rape.

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts

Which would have been fine i suppose if she wasn't also shocked and mournful every time someone is hurt as a consequence of their endeavor. She is constant I hated this book.

Llamaradas nora roberts is constantly worried about her clothing and other pointless material things in the face of real danger not to mention true poverty of the people around her some of which they steal from but then criticizes the male character for caring to much about money.

Not that he has many redeeming qualities either. After a certain point I genuinely wanted them to be caught by the most cliche boring "mafia boss" and his ridiculous henchmen I literally had to force myself to finish the novel.


This is the first Nora Roberts llamaradas nora roberts Ive ever read I may give her another chance since her log is so massive, and I dont think she is a bad writer overall, but it wont be for a while.

If I were to say anything llamaradas nora roberts, id say that the main male character, however annoying, was aleast well written. He was stupid but it wasnt in an unrealistic way.