Author Mark Billingham's complete list of books and series in order, with the latest writer and stand-up comedian, his series of novels featuring D.I. Tom Thorne. The Tom Thorne series is a series of crime fiction novels written by the awards winning author from London. England, Mark Billingham. All the novels of the. Sleepyhead Scaredycat Lazybones The Burning Girl Lifeless Buried Death Message Bloodline.


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As he grew older, and his interests moved towards crime fiction, he began to skew his writing that way, setting an early novel the as-yet unpublished The Mechanic in his native Birmingham.


Inspired by the comic-crime work of Carl Hiaasen and other authors, he attempted to use his experience as a stand-up comedian and crime fan to mark billingham tom thorne series a similarly comic novel. Tom Thorne[ edit ] Billingham created Detective Inspector Tom Thorne for his debut novel Sleepyhead, where a case of " Locked-In syndrome " reveals the dark depths of a twisted mind, as adept at toying with the DI as with the victims.

The author writes that, "if writers want their readers to care about a character, they have to care themselves" and, as such, has imbued Thorne with a lot of his personal characteristics.

Tom Thorne Series

The two share a birthday, a locale London and musical interests a "love of country music both alt and cheesy" — although Billingham implies that it is Thorne's fictional musical tastes that have grown on the author. It would like writing a Western and going "Oh no I've given him a horse!

While noting that many authors compile "thick dossiers" and "complex biographies" about their characters, noting every quirk and minor detail, Billingham shies away from such minutiae, calling it "limiting"—preferring instead to discover something anew about mark billingham tom thorne series own hero with each book, and to pass that novelty on to the reader: The day a character becomes predictable is the day a writer should think about moving on, because the reader certainly will.

Suffice to say that "[h]e works on the Metropolitan Police Murder Squad [and at] the time of the first book, he is forty-one years old". Scaredy Cat inspiration[ edit mark billingham tom thorne series InBillingham became a crime victim, as he and his writing partner Peter Cocks were kidnapped and held hostage in a Manchester hotel room.

Turning the event into inspiration for his second Thorne novel, Scaredy Cat, he wrote: The general theme of Scaredy Cat is really the power of fear, and that fear is a very powerful weapon, and if you are prepared to instill it, you have a very powerful weapon that is every bit as dangerous as a gun or a knife.

Also what happened to me in that hotel room fed directly into a sub-plot in Scaredy Cat with some very nasty crimes carried out in hotel-rooms. Billingham recalls being terrified by the sheer audacity of the criminals, who managed to instill a feeling of menace and fear into their victims, a theme which was later fed into his novels—"that if one person is able to scare someone so much, they can make them do anything".

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Two more Thorne novels have since been published. The series laid a huge impact on the readers as a new crime mystery series right from its first novel. The readers enjoyed reading the series and developed a strong love towards the thriller novels of the series.

Each of the books in the series revolves around a case in the beginning, which mark billingham tom thorne series solved with the help of skillful detective Tom Thorne by the end of the book.

The debut novel of the series was published in the year by the Little, Brown publishing house. The opening plot of the novel shows Alison Willetts, who had survived a stroke attack which was induced deliberately by the killer using skillful manipulation of the of the pressure points of the neck and the head.

Although she had survived the stroke attack, she was not able to communicate or move from her bed. Alison was able to see, feel and hear, and was aware of all the things that were going on around her.

The condition of Alison is called the Locked-in Syndrome and the police believe that the killer has made his first and the only mistake by leaving Alison Willetts alive.

Mark Billingham

Now, they face the tough job of finding the killer by growing on his only mistake mark billingham tom thorne series further mistakes from him seemed unlikely, being a skillful criminal. However, when Detective Inspector Tom Thorne is asked to handle the case, his investigations lead him to discover horrifying truths about the killer.

Tom Thorne believes that it was not Alison Willetts who was the mistake of the killer, rather the previous three women who were killed by him.

Tom finds out that the killer had used an appropriate margin of error, which were effective enough to kill the women. He also believes that even though Alison has survived the attack, the killer will not stop at this and he will go for other victims.

Tom Thorne - Book Series In Order

The killer seems to be smarter and enjoying the healthy battle with Tom Thorne who will stop at nothing to end his hobby of pursuing the sick fantasy.

With several unsuccessful attempts at trying to catch the killer, Tom mark billingham tom thorne series that he is not going to catch him by following the normal procedure.


Hence, he decides to bend the rules and follow his own methods to catch the killer.