MENSAJEROS DEL ALBA by MARCINIAK, BARBARA and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at Mensajeros del alba [Barbara Marciniak] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. all of existence to a new octave, the highest octave of being. It is our great pleasure to have your assistance in this process. Return to Mensajeros del Alba.


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There have been many, many other gifts.


The Pleiadians told me that the process of this book would be the most powerful teaching of my life, and I agree. I'm thankful that I chose myself to do it, and I'm thankful for all the love and support I had from my family of friends during the process.

And I'm very thankful to the Pleiadians for their love, their friendship, their encouragement, their support, and, most of all, for tricking me into my own evolution. That's exactly how I felt, as I wondered why the bureaucratic necessity of an Australian mensajeros del alba had never been mentioned until now.

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With ticket and passport in hand and luggage on the scale, I was told I needed the document to board the flight bound for Darwin. My mind raced for the logic of the event and an immediate method to overrule it. I would will this one around!

I was not new to this game and had been tested many times during the last four years on my ability to transform and transmute obstacles into messages and to move with the living symbols into a new vista of experience.

Telexes were sent to the consulate in Sydney, and for the first hour's wait, I was certain I would be cleared, verified, and on my way to begin a Pleiadian teaching tour in the land down under.

I had left North Carolina a week earlier, stopped in Hawaii for a brief visit, and now, after a three - day sojourn in Bali, was rested and ready to begin the next segment of a two - month odyssey. I glanced at the terminal mensajeros del alba and noted the slow passage of minutes. I was patiently waiting for intentions and events to be set into motion.

As time crept forward, its movement began a dawning within me that maybe, just maybe, I was not going to get on board. Perhaps this was going to be one of those times where, intend as I might, I was not going anywhere.

I could feel my body resisting this new plan and the rearrangements that potentially would have to be made because I could not board the plane and meet my tour schedule.

Bringers of the Dawn

The next flight for Darwin was scheduled for the day after I was to be there. I surrendered, located a taxi, and, luggage aboard, headed for the retreat and solitude of the quaint seaside Balinese hotel I had left mensajeros del alba earlier. My room was waiting.

  • Bringers of the Dawn
  • Bringers of the Dawn
  • Bringers of the Dawn

I did not have an immediate solution to this potentially aggravating dilemma, mensajeros del alba knowing that, I dropped it. I moved into the personal creation of comfort and trust that somehow this would all turn out fine and that if I was to be trapped anywhere, Bali was certainly mensajeros del alba.

The next day, as I sat by the window of my treetop room, a second dawning brought the realization that I had committed to writing a preface for Bringers of the Dawn and that I was not going to move ahead into Australia until I was complete with that task!

Sipping Balinese coffee, I was feeling nurtured by my surroundings and the lush vegetation that framed my view. I began to contemplate where to begin and how to insert into time and space myself and this phenomenal process called the Pleiadians that through me had created a life of mensajeros del alba own.

As if haunted by a recurring dream, I have had the question put to me over and over again, how did it all begin?

Early on I would respond by just delineating the impulses and sequence of events that had led to my actual channeling of the Pleiadians and stop there.

Through the seemingly endless repetition of this question, however, an energy churned mensajeros del alba in my reality, and as I kept repeating the story, I began to get glimpses of a grander view, where events and beginnings came from many directions and multiple "times," to be woven, now, into a tapestry of purpose.

In childhood, I felt I was different and marked to stand out by inheriting an older brother who was mentally retarded. His presence offered many challenges to my young mind, and our family had many lessons to learn. It was only mensajeros del alba that I was impulsed by the P's, as I have affectionately come to call them, to reexamine old photos from childhood and to reconsider my interpretation of who I thought I was.

Embracing this approach, this time I saw celestial - like love beaming from the face of my dear older brother, Donald, and in one photo after another the light seemed always to bend and illuminate him.