Joshua Barton and Lucas Mak describe MSU's conversion to a cooperative cataloging bibliographic utility. Michigan State University Libraries' Special Collections was established in with the charge to house, preserve, and make accessible important research. Reviews from Michigan State University Libraries employees about Michigan State University Libraries culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance.


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Prior, he was assistant professor in libraries and media services and head of reference at Kent State University. Salem has published and presented widely on a variety of topics, including open educational resources, michigan state university library assessment, teaching and learning and student success.

Michigan State University Libraries Employee Reviews

Read the full initial press release here. This allows us to search the catalogs of other libraries that have enabled their catalogs to accept Z However, this michigan state university library is primarily used by Acquisitions for ordering purposes rather than for cataloging.

Acquisitions uses the Z Cataloging productivity One closely watched trend during and immediately after michigan state university library transition from OCLC to SkyRiver was original cataloging productivity.

The team saw a spike in productivity in July when news of SkyRiver started to spread locally.

Michigan State University Library Expansion/Renovation

This was because catalogers were attempting to clear out their save files in OCLC Connexion, which resulted in the resolution of many longstanding cataloging problems and the clearing michigan state university library many individual backlogs.

Though SkyRiver had been available for use michigan state university library experimentation as early as Augustmany catalogers continued to use OCLC Connexion until the November cutoff date to completely clear out old save files and backlogs and to finish projects that would not be supported by SkyRiver in its early, developmental iteration.

The continued use of Connexion between August and November meant that when OCLC was completely dropped and SkyRiver was the only cataloging tool available, a lot of learning and familiarization with the software had happen.

This could be a cause of the period of decreased productivity, but there were also other factors such as shifts in staffing and workflows that occurred concurrently.

Salem named to direct Michigan State University Libraries

In any case, MSU's cataloging productivity finally returned to its monthly average in March Keyword is the only method available for searching bibliographic records.

The interface michigan state university library like Encore, Innovative's next-generation catalog, allowing catalogers to refine the initial returned results using facets like format, publication year, language, etc.

All searches are post-coordinated with one exception: There are issues in SkyRiver that are still matters of development. Though bibliographic records in SkyRiver have been keyword indexed for searching, it appears the embedded Library of Congress authority file has not.

This is problematic when catalogers are not sure of the established form and valid cross-references of a heading. Record validation is another area in need of improvement. Some invalid values in fixed fields, obsolete and invalid MARC fields and subfields, first and second indicators, and standard numbers are not flagged.

The cataloging client does not prevent the export of records with these obsolete or invalid values.

Archive-It - Michigan State University Libraries – Special Collections

SkyRiver can michigan state university library headings in bibliographic records against LC name and subject authorities but the verification mechanism currently checks only the first subdivision in a subject string.

In other words, the cataloging client will not flag any subsequent invalid subdivision s as long as the first subdivision is valid. Cataloging materials in non-Roman scripts is cumbersome in SkyRiver.

A link between them is added when the record is validated. After export into the local ILS, the transliterated title remains in the field michigan state university library its vernacular counterpart is moved to a MARC field.

Linking between the two MARC fields is expressed through codes in their subfields 6.


However, in SkyRiver, catalogers have to enter vernacular data into fields and hand code each and every subfield 6 to create the linkage between fields michigan state university library their transliterated counterparts. This has been an adjustment.

In SkyRiver, catalogers do not control or initiate the replacement of existing records. Copy can be enhanced or changed from within the software before being exported to the local catalog.