A second phase of traditional microbial biotechnology began during World War I and resulted in the development of the acetone-butanol and glycerol  ‎Abstract · ‎References. There already exist a number of excellent general textbooks on microbiology and biotechnology that deal with the basic principles of microbial biotechnology. Microbial Biotechnology | Citations: | Read articles with impact on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.


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They microbial biotechnology provide numerous health benefits as well. Prebiotics are those substances which comes from types of carbs mostly fiber that humans can't digest.

The beneficial bacteria in our gut eat this fiber.

The gut bacteria, collectively referred to as the gut flora or gut microbiotaperform many important functions in the human body and which are very beneficial to us. Eating balanced amounts of both probiotics and prebiotics can help ensure we have right balance of these bacteria, which should improve microbial biotechnology health in different ways.

Microbes in Medical Biotechnology Medical biotechnology microbial biotechnology be defined as the use of living cell and microbial biotechnology materials to research and produce pharmaceutical and diagnostic products that help to treat and prevent human disease.

It generally focusses in the development and production of new vaccines, medicines and diagnostics.


It includes microbial biotechnology study which are relevant in diagnosing diseases and processes that give rise to diseases and the production process microbial biotechnology a vaccine or drug. Scientists focus and concentrate more on the development and optimalisation of biotechnological methods to develope or produce a vaccine or drug.

Microbial Biotechnology | National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Researchers have recently developed more efficient methods for designing and making drugs that are targeted at the molecular level and therefore conceivably more effective but less toxic. Microbiology and Cancer Research Microbiology has a great impact on many aspects of cancer research.

Cancer is one of the major killers and effects the most. Cancer remains one of the major challenges from the 21st century.

Nowadays the increasing numbers of cases are not accompanied by adequate progress in therapy. Scientists has found new ways and directions like immunotherapyincluding the use of specific types of microbial biotechnology.

This type of treatment is expected to stimulate the immune system of human body for the selective elimination of cancer cells.

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Microorganisms can be used in different ways, based on their specific properties, that is, toxin production, anaerobic lifestyle, or binding substances that can be delivered to a specific location vectors.

Also, the use of microbes for cancer treatment also has some disadvantages. Nevertheless, this kind of treatment can supplement conventional anticancer therapy, giving cancer patients a chance and hope of recovery.

It is one microbial biotechnology the most important and necessary development needed for the improvement of human life and systems. Microbes and Protein production Protein production from microbes includes processes for producing cells of microorganisms microbial biotechnology use as protein sources in human food or animal feed.


It also includes photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic microorganisms that have been operated on a pilotplant or commercial scale. The production of microbial protein microbial biotechnology single cell protein SCP is revolutionizing protein farming and is one of the major steps in reducing the shortage of protein supply.

An increasing population as well as demand for high-protein diets will require dramatic changes in the food industry, as limited resources and environmental issues will make animal derived foods and proteins, gradually more unsustainable to produce them.

Scientists developed an economic model around the genome-scale metabolic network of E. Industrial microbiology is becoming one microbial biotechnology the of the most promising approach towards cost reduction and resource conservation and it leads to major benefits as well.


microbial biotechnology Microorganisms plays a major important key role in increasing the soil fertility thereby increasing the overall production in the agriculture sector.