If you're new to climbing literature, start with these definitive tales of adventure. Note: We only considered books written in or translated into. We are often asked to recommend a good mountaineering book to read, help select as a gift, or for books worth collecting. We started this as a list of the For me, the best books on Alpinism describe those who have genuinely pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Successful mountaineering literature.


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10 Mountaineering Books All Serious Climbers Need To Read

This, combined with Terray's sharp observation of mountaineering books people and customs he meets along the way, is what makes it one mountaineering books my favourite mountaineering autobiographies.

Buy it from the Guardian bookshop 6 Savage Arena by Joe Tasker A frequent criticism levelled at mountaineering literature is that it lacks human depth; not so here.


Tasker's candid recounting of his internal struggles and the difficulty of getting strong-minded individuals to work as a harmonious unit, on and off the mountain, are superb.

The reader is drawn into the world of pioneering mountaineering books in the late s and early s, when the British in particular were showing the way forward.

The book was published posthumously in mountaineering books Tasker disappeared on the unclimbed north-east ridge of Everest with Pete Boardman earlier that year.

His riveting prose continues to inspire. She tackled some of Europe's toughest climbs and went on to become the first woman to qualify as a mountain guide. This is the story about how he survived — with the help of team mate Chris Bonington. Tasker delivered the transcript to his publisher just as he left for an Everest expedition in - and sadly never returned.

Buried in the Sky: Based on unprecedented access and interviews, Buried in the Sky reveals their astonishing story for the first time. The Great War, Mallory and mountaineering books Conquest of Everest mountaineering books Wade Davis While the quest for Everest may have begun as a grand imperial gesture, it ended as a mission of revival for a country and a lost generation bled white by war.

All Fourteen Eight-Thousanders [also photo book] Messner.


The North Cascades [mostly a photo book] Muir. The Mountains of California Muir. My Mountaineering books Summer in the Sierra Mummery.

My Climbs in the Alps and Caucasus Murray. Mountaineering in Scotland Murray.

Mountaineering Books

The Scottish Himalayan Expedition Newby. The Climbs of Norman-Neruda Norton. Climbing mountaineering books Fishes Tail Noyce. South Col [Everest] Pause.

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Extreme Alpine Rock [best Mountaineering books climbs, also a guidebook] Pilley. New Zealand [also a photo book] Rebuffat. The Finest Routes [also a guidebook] Rebuffat.

Starlight and Storm Ridgeway. The Vertical World of Yosemite [also a photo book] Salter.

100 Best Mountaineering Books

Solo Faces [fiction] Scott. Big Wall Climbing [also a mountaineering books book] Shipton. If you cannot understand that there is something mountaineering books man which responds to the challenge of this mountain and goes out to meet it, that the struggle is the struggle of life itself upward and forever upward, then you won't see why we go.

Linck, George Barnard, J.