Answering the issue of Mubahila and the controversy sorrounding the wives of Sahi bukhari (Volume 6 hadith )��So Allah�s Apostle got up (and. I am trying to find below Mubahila Hadith in Sahih Muslim but I could According to Irshadus Sari Sharh Sahih Bukhari, volume 7; page ,  Mubahila - Guest Forum. I was informed that Gabriel came to the Prophet while Um Salama was with him. Gabriel started talking (to the Prophet). Then the Prophet asked Um Salama.


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Does this mean that the wives were not closely related to the Prophet SAW? And if they were also similarly or even more closely related to the Prophet SAW then what was the other criteria which the Prophet SAW followed and only took his SAW cousin, daughter and two grandsons?

Had it been the reason then surely Allah would mubahila sa hih bukhari mentioned this in quran. Allah would have surely said to both the groups that: But Allah just said: He saw would have said: They are the infallible ones. But nothing such was reported. We regard them as highly noblevirtues, and pious personalities of Islam.

The Event or Eid al-Mubahalah |

But we even have authentic reports that there were people in muslim community in that period who were more virtues than some of these mubahila sa hih bukhari. So if at all the criteria was to bring virtues personalities of muslim community then surely someother members would have been brought, but since this was not at all a condition, they were not brought.

And even they being not called proves that calling the most virtues ones was not a condition.

Refer sahi bukhari Volume 5, Book 57, Number 20 and 34 There had always been a group of Muslims, unfortunately, who have had made their duty to degrade the status of Muhammad SAW wa Aal e Muhammad AS as a hobby, to elevate certain people in status, in order to justify their acts.

A part of the answer to this lies in our answer to Question 2 above, which states who would be the most closest and most beloved to the Prophet of Allah in light of his SAW justice and prophethood, his own daughter and cousin, or the best of the pious and the believers and the followers.

Many people do not like that the best of the pious and the believers and followers were infact were his own daughter and cousin and therefore confuse themselves and try mubahila sa hih bukhari seperate the Prophet's SAW personality into two; one that of a normal man who loves his children and who forgets his prayers and mubahila sa hih bukhari who lacks self control God Forbid [This statement is due to many ahadith found in Sahah Sittah], and the other that of a prophet who does only what is revealed to him.

Mubahila Hadith In Sahih Muslim - Shia/Sunni Dialogue -

It is true that the event of Mubahila does not point to infallability of this groupbut it proves that this group possessed the totality of faith and did not harbor an atom of doubt in what the Prophet SAW of Allah declared. It is funny how the author has referred to a hadith in the event of Mubahila; Narrated Muhammad bin Al-Hanafiya: Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 57, Number 20 Wise men can always mubahila sa hih bukhari a fabricated hadith from the truth.


Actions are louder than words. Can the author and propagator of this hadith tell examples from Quran and history which can prove superiority of Abu Bakr, Umer and Usman, collectively, over Ali AS in terms of bravery, nobility, blood lineage, chivalry, knowledge, closeness to Rasool SAW and piety?

Or is the author all words and no play? This is how the above fabrication looks from our eyes and please understand our view point which is also backed by countless Sunni and Sahah Sitah traditions and narrations ; Ali AS was asked as to who are the best people after Allah's apostle?

He AS said, the one who called the daughter of prophet SAW a liar and to who she AS refused to speak for as long as she livedand for who i have already said that he is liar, sinful and dishonest earlier on in another hadith Sahih MuslimBook 19, Number After that, the best amongst the people is he who called the prophet SAW deliriousdoubted his prophethood at Hudabya, ran away in some mubahila sa hih bukhari jeopardizing the life of the Prophet SAWand innovating many things in Islamand for who too I again have already said that he is a liar, sinful and dishonest in the same hadith Sahih MuslimBook 19, Number After that the best is he who brought back the same people and empowered them who the Prophet SAW had exiled at conquest of Mubahila sa hih bukhari, and who amounted wealth and gave unjust power to his own family members and who was later killed by muslims including many companions.

The Event or Eid al-Mubahalah

Yet I am only an ordinary person, and there are millions of people superior to me, people who worshipped idols, mubahila sa hih bukhari and adultered for most of their lives and even those who accepted Islam to save their lives on the conquest of Mecca, like the great Mawiya, and although i fought with him many battles intending to kill him and rid the Muslims of his Fitnah and evil, I hope Allah is pleased with him and his actions.

I hope the above does not offend some one's personal belief but makes them realize the truth. Unfortunately, in the above passage lies the summary of the dispute between the mubahila sa hih bukhari schools of thought.

Were they only the ones who were worthy of being taken for mubahila?

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