Al-Ahzaan (House of Sorrows, Biography of Sayyeda Fatima (as)) · Sheikh Abbas al-Qummi - Manazil ul-Aakhira · Sheikh Abbas al-Qummi - Nafsul Mahmoom. nafsul mahmoom · Abbas,Ashura,Imam Hussein,Karbala,Shia,Muslim, Kerbela, Azadari. Hi friends. Download File · Like ۱ · Dislike ۰ 15/11/. A historical account, using original sources, of the Tragedy of Karbala', from the time of the birth of Imam Husayn (as) till the time of Mukhtar's  Missing: nafsul ‎| ‎Must include: ‎nafsul.


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He could see that thirst, aggravated by the scorching heat of the desert, was squeezing their young lives out of them. Al-Husain rejected his request once again, saying to nafsul mahmoom that nafsul mahmoom was his army's commander, and that because of that, he could not go and fight.

Seeing him gallop towards the camp of Al-Husain, Umar ibn Sa'ad shouted from the enemy ranks that if even a single drop of water reached Al-Husain's camp, it would be impossible to fight them on the battlefield. He lost both his arms during the attack, trying to save the water bag. Sayyedah Sakinah could not see it any longer.

She looked at her father, but he turned his face away.

Sukayna bint Husayn explained

Sakinah began to tremble with fear and her eyes filled with tears. She nafsul mahmoom her hands and prayed, "O God! The forces of Yazid, among whom was Shimr, came to the tents. They looted all the belongings of Al-Husain and his supporters, including the ladies' hijabs.

Nafasul Mahmum, Relating to the heart rending tragedy of Karbala'

When Sakinah cried for her father, instead of comforting her, Shimr slapped her face and pulled the earrings from her ears, leading them to bleed. Fire was set nafsul mahmoom the tents, and Sakinah's dress was somewhat affected by it.


The ladies and children ran from one tent to another. Sakinah ran to the battlefield screaming: Father, father, speak nafsul mahmoom me, father. She nafsul mahmoom all the women and children into one small space in between the gutted tents.

Eventually, there was no fire and no light, except for that of the moon. However, Zaynab noticed that Sakinah was missing. She asked Rubab, but even she did not know where Sukainah was, so they panicked, and ran out of the tents looking for her.

The Book Nafsul Mahmoon - Personalities in Islam -

Eventually, in desperation, Zaynab went to the place where the body of Al-Husain lay, and cried, "O my brother, Sayyedah Sakinah, who you left in my care, is nowhere to be found. Those who understand are advised to refer directly to the original text.

The survivors included the Imam's sisters, wives, and daughters, including Sakinah, relatives of companions of the Imam, and his son, Ali Zaynul-Abidin, who did not participate in the battle, due to an illness. Sakinah, nafsul mahmoom with others, had been grieved over the killings.

They had also suffered from thirst. nafsul mahmoom

Sukayna bint Husayn

The survivors were marched by Yazid's army from Karbala to Kufah, where Sakinah received water from a sympathetic woman, and then to Damascus in Shaam. There was a lack of pity from the captors' part during the journey.

Even at these times of hardship and misery, Ruqayyah was sympathetic to others, such as her mother, whom she consoled her mother on the death of Ali al-Asghar.

To cry, mourn, wail, read elegies is a sunnat of Nabi- Surah Yousef, Hz Owais-al-Qarni companion of the Holy Nafsul mahmoom saws broke all his teeth after hearing that the Prophet's teeth had been martyred, - Mishkat-al-shareef.